Thursday, September 09, 2010

Losing the weight

I need to get fit for a few reasons. First and most importantly, my aunt in Canada said I looked "pretty like a princess" from my Facebook photos and I do not want to underwhelm her when I return home. Secondly, I feel like a cow wearing dresses, my self-esteem has taken a dive several hundred meters way below the water surface. I notice my face shape is now round, no longer oval or square.

Ever since last year, I've "let myself go" in a way. I loved food more than my figure, I indulged in chocolate too many times and never worked out to burn the calories. I thought eating would make me happier than wearing nice clothes. Food was my friend who would never let me down.

Now I'm five kilos heavier. I dream of going under the knife every week. A few people have said "oh it's just a few kilos, nothing to worry about" well five-bloody-kilos of pure fat and waist expansion is SOMETHING.

I am not someone who fishes for compliments and it irritates me greatly when the other person says something nice to be polite. Especially after I encouraged them in whatever setbacks or goals they had. At least I showed one of the qualities of a true friend: honesty.

So I'm gonna watch what I eat from this day onwards. By watching what I eat I mean no more junk food, fast food and confectioneries. That should help.

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Pork Chop said...

i've gained 5kg too! cheer up and all the best :)