Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Three years of silence

I just called my dad. It was unusual because my parents are divorced and I'm staying with my Mom and I didn't speak to or see him in three years. I was reluctant, very reluctant to contact him. I had no other choice because I needed someone to buy me a air ticket to Canada. My mom's boyfriend went back on his word which made me desperate enough to call my dad.

After six to seven rings he picked up, "Hello, how are you doing, Zoe?" I replied warily, "How do you know my number?" He avoided that question and spoke of an incident that happened last year when he SMS-ed me on my birthday and called but I didn't pick up. Of course, why would I?

I spoke in short sentences, briefly updating him on what was happening to get to the point as quick as possible. I finally asked if he would buy the air ticket for me. "That can be arranged," he said, "When are you leaving?" After explaining a little longer he asked me to ask my mom for a letter of release.

I had no idea what he was talking about. "What has that got to do with anything?" I asked in a very irritated tone. He told me that after they got separated my mom had sole custody of me and without the letter, she might report me as being kidnapped or what not. My mom wouldn't do that but my dad's reason was to "save his own name". Now I'm a little scared of what he might do after my mom does produce that letter. He sounded creepy over the phone. I think he was trying to be cool, talking as if everything was normal.

But I could hear the anger in his voice, he was tolerating my "teenager attitude". I also sensed his disgust after I told him that Mom knew about this (calling him) and asked me to ask him about it (purchasing of air ticket). Funny, things never change, I know you're still the same old Dad yet I don't understand why Aunt would protect you and say you changed for the better. Aunt said you wanted to be a better Dad. Losing your cool after a minute of talking to me proves your temper is still as short as ever.

Canadian High Commission officers please process my passport quickly after I submit it. *clasps hands together*


Sue Me said...

Lil Zoe,

Always hope for the best. it might be awkward to speak to your Dad after so long but maybe he really want to patch things up. Do take care ok? If you need anyone to talk to, I'm always here :)

kevlee said...

Same here Zoe :D