Friday, August 20, 2010

My Trip The Canadian Embassy

My visitation to the Canadian Embassy at Tan and Tan was informative and awkward. My mom was rather embarrassing when she tried to make me embarrassed which resulted in making the both us look moronic. We left the house at 10AM yesterday with all of my identification; passport, ID, birth certificate and health care card.

My mom was very fixed on me returning on a visa while I was heeding the suggestion of my aunt that I should switch back my citizenship to get a Canadian passport. Security was moderately tight, they scanned our bags and locked up our cellphones (off) and cameras but they didn't use a metal detector on us, to my disappointment.

The room we went to was merely for paper collection and the lady behind the counter politely told us to go up one floor to the advisory room. I was taken aback by the courtesy by all of the staffs, I was like, "Whoa, they're really friendly and pleasant people." No offence, but you do know that Malaysia was rated as the 3rd rudest country in the WORLD by Reader's Digest. It's safe to say that I haven't seen or met many polite strangers or even sales people in the past nine years of living here.

My mom explained my situation to another lady at the floor above who was an advisor. Mine's a little complicated but I'll tell my "life story" in case you're interested (most people are and they interrogate me like hell). My family immigrated to Malaysia in 2001, holding a Canadian passport to travel to Singapore everyday for studies was troublesome for me. Cocky passport stampers would detain us (an unrelated sibling and me) for no reason, queuing up in the foreigner line at the Singapore Checkpoint was time-consuming so we applied for a Malaysian passport. It took us 4 years to become a PR and another two years to become a citizen, I managed to get a Malaysian passport in 2007 which was unneeded in the end, I already started homeschooling.

That doesn't sound so complicated after all... Oh, the issue was retaining my Malaysian citizenship while getting a Canadian passport because I could no longer switch it back after giving it up. My Mom was so dead on me staying, she said in a supposedly grave tone, "Then in the future you can't stay here anymore, don't think about being Malaysian again." I replied whiningly, "Why would I want to be Malaysian?" I like it here but not enough to want to stay here for the rest of my life. Plus one of the main reasons why I'm leaving is to get away from several cancerous people. Once I'm gone I never want to be back.

I have neither submitted the application nor even taken a passport photo. In conclusion, I won't be leaving on the 23rd, probably a month from now or as soon as I get my Canadian passport which will take at least 15 working days to process.

I'm more worried than excited but happy for what good things might come. Please pray for me.

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Simon Seow said...

Woot. Can meet for a few more times. Kekekee. Thanks for the manga and birthday cakes. Love ya.