Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reducing by reusing and then recycling.

I don't know if a lot of people know that I'm the nature-loving, animal rights activist sort of person. Just so you know, I am. It upsets me when I see my friends waste water by leaving the water running when they're brushing their teeth or steaming up the bathroom before going into the shower. I hate it when people waste food, litter, bully stray animals, pluck healthy leaves for no reason and a whole lot of other means things horrible humans do.

I try my best to recycle but I haven't found a recycling bin in my neighborhood so what I do is make the most out of what I have by reusing them before throwing them away. Ideally, you should dump them at a recycling center.

This is a cereal box. My mom used to cut the upper right corner diagonally and use it as a paper holder but I already have three of them in my room. I don't want another paper container!

I've been doing my maths recently and I couldn't find any scrap paper to work out the equations. I would definitely NOT use a fresh blank piece of paper and instinctively tore open the box at the side.

*manual mode* Rip open the rest of the glued cardboard and there you have it, scrap paper--from the interior of a cereal box. I thought it'd be a nice canvas to paint or draw as well. :D

This could apply to almost EVERYTHING. Like, like, like... chocolate wrappers.

I could work out two (simple) equations in that space!

Do your part for this wonderful planet. Remove the plugs out of the electric outlets when you're not using it, don't leave your cellphone battery charger charging when you're done, switch off the air-con when you're not in room, etc. All the little things make the biggest of difference if only everyone bothered.

I'd plant a garden if I had a nice backyard. I will, one day, when I'm living in my dream house. All my fruits and vegetables will be organic and all the electrical appliance will operate on solar power. I'll have a part-time nanny, a cat, a dog, a ferret, a part-time husband, all in Toronto.

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