Thursday, June 03, 2010

W girl

I'm beginning to worry about my cynicism. I think a majority of women are whores. I know what's affecting me. It's my mom. My mom being the mistress, my mom committing adultery. My mom and many friends choosing men over me.


They yearn for casual compliments of adoration, "You're pretty. You're so cute. I like you." And ditch their friendships for a temporary thrill of romance.


Oh not only. It's not just one guy, you flirt with three or as many as you can get. Leading all the swains on, pretending you're genuine and pure when you're in fact, a whore. I don't know... am I the only one here who finds flirting with multiple people degrading?

Am I the only one who finds pre-marital sex wrong? Am I in the minority of people who have values?

I don't hate you for doing what you do. I hate you for hiding. You're a bloody liar. You lie to the boys, you lie to your friends just to keep an image. A reputation huh... What. Reputation. Exactly?

This is really the last straw. I'm so cynical now. I'm so in shock. I so wish that people like you didn't exist.

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