Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nail Prep

I've been obsessing over nail painting the past month so I'm gonna tell you guys what I usually do. If you have a lot of time and fancy beautifying yourself, polishing your nails can take up to well over an hour. The entire process of buffing, cleaning, moisturizing, painting, designing your nails is painfully or wonderfully long, depending on whether you're vain and enjoy spending hours of your life on the littlest part of your fingers.

To start, get a nail filer and file your nails in one direction. If you slide to the right, then keep moving to the right even if it feels weird. I bought this from The Face Shop for RM3.20 if I remembered correctly. It said it was strawberry-scented BUT THAT'S A LIE. I would have spritz some of the vanilla perfume I bought from Yves Rocher but IT'S BLOODY STRAWBERRY PRINTS. *fumes*

Okay, okay, moving along. As you can see on my index finger, my nails are evenly oval, wait... it looks slightly more rectangular. Whatever shape it is, it's even. So file your nails (in a gentle manner) into the shape your want them to be.

Next, you use a nail buffer. Many people have asked me what a buffer was. A buffer is something that buffs. Not really helpful, am I? Seriously, it's a tool to make something polished. Nails, shoes, watches, you name it. Nail buffers first smoothen surfaces by the abrasive particles attached to it, like how sandpaper smoothens wood but it's gentler and most of the time, the point of buffing your nails is to make them glossy.

I bought this nail buffer from Sasa at a rip-off price of RM12. My mom got something similar for one ringgit. Nei mou gao chor.

On my right hand's ring finger, I have unsightly ridges on one side of it because I bit it frequently when I was younger. Irreparable damage that scarred my nail forever. This is a before and after photo, you can't really see the difference here but it has improved a little.

There are a variety of nail buffers out there, so if you bought the one with only two colors/sticks/sides then it means you're basically gonna buff and shine your nails. If you have the three-four type, after buffing you clean, condition and then polish it.

Ta-daa. The end result.

I gotta run for work now so I'll post picture of the nail colors I use next time. Great morning!


陳一豪 said...

From what I see this buffer does not do its work as well as it should.

You should try the flat plastic one from Watsons. Goes for about the same price.

If I'm not mistaken the colours are something like red, green, blue, with a emery board. Don't get the one with the yellow side.

Zoeyve said...

It's expensive to me after comparing it to my mom's, LOL. I don't want one that's too effective 'cus I'm scared my nails will be too thin.