Sunday, June 27, 2010

I want candy

For the past hour, all I've been thinking about was... red liquorice. It's driving me crazy! I want red liquorice, I want red liquorice, I want--I WANT IT JUST GIVE IT TO ME NOW! Those bloody, heaven-made twisted treats is a childhood candy of mine. I remember holding a couple of sticks in my hand and happily biting it off centimeter by centimeter.

I'm not sure what brand it was, I was only five or six years old. But God, I loved them. When I immigrated to Malaysia, I looked everywhere for it but to no avail. I, being mature, did not kick up a big fuss about sweets. Nearly a decade later, I'm bratty and sassy and I want those damn licorice spiral sticks.

The one I used to always eat was cherry flavored. After searching up on Google, I found out they had raspberry as well. It must taste delicious!


Red Vines, like Jelly Belly and Gatorade, is a very famous brand in America. Not heard much in Asian countries yet. Strawberry flavored licorice candy.


Don't they look absolutely enticing? They're polished with beeswax (as stated in Wikipedia), I love all things glossy and chewy. So there's watermelon flavor as well, not surprising, as they're all red in color.

What shocked me was the green apple one. Sour licorice twists? Something I would try but would unlikely like.


Mm-hm. No wonder Americans are obesed. If I lived there, I am confident I would be overweight because of all their unhealthy, delicious goods. Does Langkawi have this? DOES SHE?!

Speaking of red liquorice, my chum Corynn sketched this. She was taking part of a Red Vines drawing competition if I'm not wrong. Gobble, gobble, gobble.

Isn't it pretty?

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