Monday, June 14, 2010

Back into the blogosphere

Hello all.

Soon, I'll be opening my blog to the public again. I don't want to because I've gotten used to the safe privacy and ease of blogging whatever I like without considering the feelings of others. I decided to unprivatize my blog again because I've got to blog about some events I went for recently. Pretty much compulsory but I don't mind, I really enjoyed myself and I do miss blogging with pictures.

I'll need to manage my time real well. I have to juggle work, church, studies and now my blog. I slept at 11PM yesterday and woke up at 6:30AM, I think that's a fantastic timing. I'll dedicate two to three hours to go online in the morning before I leave for work, work during the day and study at night. I could! *brilliance*

Do you know why I protected my blog in the first place? It was because there were weird Google searches about me. It got me very worried, I wondered who it was and I wondered why they searched me up. It could have possibly been my dad, I haven't seen him in three years and he's likely to be curious of my whereabouts. Most parents these days know their children are internet-savvy.

Whatever it is, I am not comfortable with people Google searching me or my parents reading my blog. The perils of the World Wide Web, aih. Anywho, thanks for reading my blog and all the angsty/emo entries I wrote.

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