Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why me?

I received an SMS from a friend last month asking for money without any clear explanation. It really shocked me and made me worry for a few days over my ex-best friend's welfare. It was written, "Zoey do you mind lending me some cash? I am in a really tight suitation now" [March 18, 2010 5:57PM]

Ignoring her misspelling of my name and situation, I began to wonder what on earth happened and how much she was expecting. It could have possibly been a con, I called her a few days earlier prior to that SMS to see how she was doing. You see, Divya was my primary five best friend and I didn't talk to her for nearly four years. As I was passing through a list of contacts in my cellphone, I saw her name and curiously called her to see if she was still alive.

And she was, happy and inquisitive. I said, "Gosh! You wouldn't believe what happened the past three years, I have SO MUCH to tell you!" Divya stupendously (or stupidly or both) asked me to go over to Singapore for a day just for her and to come back to K.L. afterwards. It really was a dumb appeal but I didn't voice that thought out. "Uh, you do know that Kuala Lumpur is FIVE hours away from Singapore, right? Going there and coming back would consume half the day already. I'll visit you when I go to J.B. for a few days."

I wanted to help her but I didn't have enough credit to reply since her phone number was in Singapore. I called her four days later and she said, "Uhhh.. that was like so long ago? Everything's OK now." I was a little puzzled and she didn't even bother to explain which I felt was a little inconsiderate of her.

I decided to let it go and forget the whole thing. Just as I began to clear my mind off the incident, she SMS-ed me again. "Zoey can lend me 50 or 20 bucks urgently? I having some family issues and i need some cash dear" [April 13th, 2010 7:26PM]

Okay, she misspelled my name the second time. Rather than accusingly blaming her of being my best friend in the fifth grade and still spelling my name wrong, I'm worrying about what the hell she's been up to. Was she kicked out by her parents? Did she run away? Or is she lying to buy some illicit substances?

Seriously, why me? I'm all the way over here in K.L., in another bloody country and you're asking money from me? I would love to help you, really, but don't you have any friends who would take care of you? How am I supposed to pass you the money anyways? Via bank or going all the way to Singapore to pass you SG50 and returning back here?

That SMS has made me anxious and very concerned for my friend. I haven't replied her, I don't know what to do honestly. Does she have food to eat or a place to stay? Oh don't tell me you got pregnant and your parents disowned you. Because it has happened to my ex-classmate before but it was her own doing.

She ran away from home, lived at her boyfriend's house for 4 months, got pregnant, returned home, mother brought her to Thailand to get an abortion, continued having intercourse with her boyfriend, got pregnant again a year later and whoa, congratulations, my ex-classmate is getting married this year!

She retained in high school for an extra year because of the runaway when she was 15. I don't know what happened to her now, she's my age and probably working somewhere or studying privately.

Can you guys feel me? It's so worrisome when a person you were once close to is going through some crazy stuff. I'm so far away and I have no clue on how to help.

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