Friday, April 30, 2010

Nightmares in Zoe's sleep


Yesterday was HORRIBLE. I had this @#%$^&3 flahgrah-eeek dream. I was standing in front of my make up table, which had a half-length mirror. I was in a ragged white dress and my face was scarred. Actually, wounded very deeply and I desperately wanted to peel off the thick scab but I knew it would bleed nonstop. I scratched my face with my nails, not believing it. My face was ruined, it would be scarred for life. I looked down on my arms and they were bloody as well.

I began to remove the scabs off my arms, the bigger wounds on my upper arms. I ignored the smaller ones below my elbow, still in shock of what happened to me. It didn't occur to me it was just a dream despite not feeling any pain. Except that my emotions were so strong, I was so shocked and in denial. I guessed numbness was all part of the process.

Then I woke up. Work, I needed to get ready for work. I completely forgot about the dream till a couple of minutes later when an uneasy feeling sank in. I wrinkled my forehead as I tried to remember what it was about. A dream, a very ugly dream. So disturbing and gross.

P/S: I don't have any Photoshop skills and it took me 45 minutes to draw this on Paint. It's not that realistic I know, but you get a better idea of how my dream looked like.


Simon Seow said...

Haha, why you always has this kind of weird dream.

Zoeyve said...

I know. It's bloody disturbing. Eee-ughhh.