Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inevitable bonding

I've been here for a month already. I still like my job, it's neither stressful nor exhaustive but I'm beginning to lose my cheerfulness. It's getting harder and harder to wake up in the morning, I like the tiredness because it helps me fall asleep at night. Indeed, I've learned many things while working here, a little on the industry but a whole lot more on the people.

The people, what people? The assistants, hair stylists, bosses and students. It's really interesting, I've known some of them before working here and seeing them in another light is... not fascinating or amusing but it helps me to understand them better. I've only seen them in church and every Christian in church knows how to be proper and solemn. You only catch their wild side outside.

The student is my ministry leader. In church he has authority and commands us what to do but over here, I have more power since I'm the front desk personnel and he's just a student. So you can see the obvious switch in authority, he answers to me and my manager about anything while I need to inform him of anything I do about the ministry.

It's weird in some ways yet very helpful. I have the advantage you see, I can be closer to them and bond with them more easily. No, I'm not manipulating my circumstances though I do think it's a bonus. I am fortunate to be here with all these people and expanding my knowledge about this industry.

I try to be professional. But I just don't cut it. I'm young, lazy and squeaky(noisy). I really want to draw a line between them and my personal life but they're beginning to ask about my blog and for my e-mail address to add me on Facebook. It's not a big deal I know but for some reason unknown to me, I feel uncomfortable. I can't let someone see more than two sides of me. All of us act differently in various different surroundings. I have a church persona, a family persona, a friend persona, a "professional" persona and lastly, my alone persona.
They're great people, well, some of them, and I don't wanna be too close which might ruin everything. I can't click with them anyways, communication barrier of English and Mandarin.
*published on Monday, May 10. 1:10pm

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