Thursday, March 11, 2010

The story of two green runaways

A little over a month ago, I received two baby turtles and a cage from the owner of Creepy Creatures [location]. I was excited, I NEVER had a turtle before. Only eight hamsters, two rats, five chicks, one rabbit, and two puppies. I know that sounds like a lot in a span of seventeen years but if I told you how quickly some of them died and other stories it'll all make sense.

I thought long and hard for a name for each of them green reptiles. I initially named my Lumix camera Lucy but concluded that life was more important and gave the name to my turtle, not to mention it suited her more. So I renamed my DMC-FX580 to Laura.

My smaller turtle's name is Tanya.

On top: Lucy. Lurking in the water: Tanya.

I treated them well. I would let them crawl around in a wide pail because I don't like animals caged all the time. I changed their water every two days and fed them everyday. I tried to bond with them by talking to them and carrying them in my hands, inculcating their names so they would know their identity.

I told Lucy and Tanya how beautiful they were, the shiny, intricate patterns on their shell and skin. I was fascinated with my new pets.

Inspecting nearly every part of them.

Lucy, the bigger and light green one (below), was always greedy. I fed them four pellets a day, obviously two for each, but Lucy was a fast eater and would gobble down Tanya's share. I was worried for Tanya's nutrition therefore I took Lucy out of the cage and isolated her in a laundry basket.

Little did I know, she somehow climbed out of the laundry basket and crawled away. She was found alive two weeks later. Thank God, I thought she was dead or rotting already.

I let them out into my room to familiarize herself in her surrounding. That was when I learned that they were really good at hiding. (Don't ask me why there's a glove, red marker, papers and tissue lying around on my room floor. It's... complicated.)

They seemed miserable. Lucy and Tanya would spend a lot of time circling their cage inside, scratching the plastic wall and dreaming of freedom. Whenever I picked them up, Lucy, the more aggressive one, would push my fingers away forcefully with her little legs while Tanya was nicer and stayed still most of the time.

Three days ago, I enveloped the two of them in my old, unwanted clothes (they like dark places) so I could wash their cage. It took less than two minutes and when I returned both of them disappeared. I looked for them everywhere and kept calling their names but they weren't in the common hiding places nor did they crawl out to me.

Sigh. I hope I find them again. I don't know why they're so unhappy and tortured, like they're POZ (Prisoner of Zoe).



N!cky said...

I think I know why they ran away! U gave them wrong names.. "lucy" is a male... so u gave him a girly name and he didnt like it.

Zoeyve said...

Har? Seriously? This is pissing me off, the last time the pet shop person said Zohan (my last hamster) was a guy then my friend insisted it was girl and renamed it to Emeryn.

Then the shop owner of Creepy Creatures said they're both girls now you're saying Lucy is a guy.

They have more experience la.