Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I've got a new jobbbb. It's not bad, not hard and the salary isn't horrible. I guess it's pretty good if you ask me. I'm a part-time receptionist for a hair academy. It's been two days and I really like it there. I pick up calls, write down appointments, hunt for models, manage the Facebook account, clean my desk, photocopy important notices, switch lights... and many more.

One of my main job is to press the oh-so-important buttons to allow people to come into our premises. Those buttons are what dictates your acceptance. Say, you're a suicide-bomber threatening over the intercom that you want a hair cut and blow up the moment it's done. I can reject your entry and you'll have to think of another place to demolish. Or if I don't like you and you're asking, "HI ZOE, I'M YOUR FRIEND, CAN I HAZ FREE HAIR CUT?"

I would... darn, I wish there was a special button when once it's pushed the ground below you would open up and you'd fall into a secret chamber full of psychotic flamingos.

So yes, I do feel significant. But of course I'm not gonna abuse my authority and I was just kidding about what I said. I enjoy my work and my colleagues are really friendly and nice. It's even to cooler to have two of your church-mates working as hairstylists in the saloon and another one as a student in the academy.

It's convenient for me to go to church for prayer meetings and other stuff. The coolest part is that we're all in the same ministry, yeah, the four of us! Extremely exciting. It's because of them that I feel comfortable and relaxed.

It's funny how I got this job in the first place. I was a model for my church-mate who's learning a hair course. I went there for a cut on Thursday afternoon and highlights on Friday morning. After finishing my hairdo on Friday, the staffs were talking among themselves and as I walked towards them from the washroom I was asked if I wanted to work there.

"What? Really? As what? I'm sorta studying so I can only do part-time."

Both Jamie and William, the manager and art director respectively, started explaining everything; dress code, working hours, job description. I wrote my resume and was instantaneously hired. (That was fast.)

I was really happy, "OMG I'M WORKING FOR (company brand) PART-TIME!!! IT'S GONNA BE SO COOL AND FUN." was what I was thinking. So far so good, no ugliness or awkwardness yet. I am grateful for this job as I'm learning a lot of secretarial duties, being paid fairly and treated very well.

I don't know anything about the politics yet but everyone seems to get along well with one another. I love going to my workplace, it's not something I dread like my homeschooling center. Then again, I used to be enthusiastic about a lot of things till problems brew.

We'll see how things go. Hope I can work till November. $)

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Baldwin said...

harro harro! =p

ur work at (company name) sure sounds really interesting.

Don't press the wrong button when I pop by to say hi, k

*hugs* =)