Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sketching wreck

On the last week of November, relatives came to visit sisser's family. We were all bored and I wanted to try the charcoal stick. I asked one of the cousins to pose but Gabriel, being talkative and goofy was reluctant and wouldn't stop fidgeting. After minutes of "OI! STOP MOVING LA!", he finally stilled down.

In about ten minutes I finished my piece of tart.

NICE?! I didn't sketch in years, actually, I never really ever sketched. Never got to go for F&N or art classes in high school and I'm really bad at drawing hands, particularly the phalanges. Every single time I talk about phalanges I think of Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from Friends).

It's awful, I know, and that thorny crown which looks like the one Jesus wore when he was crucified is actually a hair band. He took it off when I took this picture.

Gabriel Ong and Matthew Yap. Little Matt looks stoned!

Gab was whining about how ugly the picture was and said it was his turn to draw me. I am a fair person and allowed him to sketch me. Not in a Titanic way.

Little did I know he was a total jerk in the face.

My Hancock beanie looks way cooler than that ancient Chinese hat.


Corynn said...

Hey, that's actually not bad!

Zoeyve said...

O my, a compliment from the masterful one! Thanks Corynn, kinda weird cus everyone was laughing at it. By everyone I mean, everyone. People who saw it in real life, people online. Everyone.

I think they're jealous.