Monday, February 01, 2010

Auntie loves me, this I know.

Sooo... just today I went to my homeschooling center's office to order books and the moment I stepped in one of the staff was so delighted to see me. "Hi! I didn't see you for so long. How are you?" Poof, all of a sudden she asked if I liked "all this" while pulling her plastic bracelet on her left wrist and I answered that I did like jewelery.

She went on and on and out of no where she complimented me by saying, "You're so pretty! You really have the... the features ah. Your mom must also be very pretty. Hmm, you have natural beauty! *circles face with index finger*"

I was doubtful. I mean, look at me, wearing a cap, a pink jacket and shorts. Sweaty after walking in the sun, no make up and she's calling me pretty?

I expressed a flattered face but actually I thought she was faking her friendliness way over.

Spontaneously, she started asking me questions on how to be pretty and slim. (I keep calling her she because I DON'T KNOW HER NAME, GOODNESS.) *facepalm*

If I didn't directly change the topic she could have gone on for hours. I told her I had to order the books so she quickly searched her plastic bag on a shelf and handed me a blue bracelet(above). She worriedly asked, "Do you like this? Do you like blue? Do you like this color anot?" My eyes opened wide with surprise, I replied, "Uhh... I do but it's okay. You can have it." It wasn't a bracelet I would buy. I didn't exactly fancy the design but she would not take no for an answer so I thanked her and left.

Before I went upstairs to the administration office she told me to come back down after I've bought the books. She talked and talked and talked. I'll tell you guys what I remembered from what she said/asked. Er... her sister makes jewelery, what my favorite color is(gold), she'll buy biscuits from Pahang for me, where I lived before, she likes my accent, I'm like her niece, if she was obese, she wants me to pray for her to find a husband, something about God and women, my phone number and where I live.

I ignored the last one. Can you believe that? She continuously spoke for 15 minutes, I wish it was a monologue but I had respond to be courteous and besides, she's a nice lady. She desperately asked me to pray for her to get married, she's in her late thirties and I totally said, "Yeah. Okay. I will." I needed to get out of there so I walked out after giving her my cellphone number, praying to God she wouldn't call me every night for a girl chat.

Like that wasn't enough to satisfy her, halfway out the door she rushed the last question, "WAIT, WHERE DO YOU LIVE?!?!" Heck no I wasn't gonna answer that. I waved a nice goodbye, pretending I didn't hear what she said and wiped a sweat off my forehead on the way home.

Phew. The craziness, I wonder if she does that to everyone. Anyways, thank you for the bracelet. I'm sure I can match it with something nice or I could wear it casually. I'll treat this as an unknowing advanced birthday present. God bless your love life. *sprinkles holy water onto head*


kevlee said...

Zoe, 3 words (make that 4)


(ok, make that 7 instead..) :P

Zoeyve said...

Kevin- LOL! *hand on heart* I appreciate that. Youuuu are a BEAUTIFUL human being!