Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why I Like it Longer

The beautiful and bold LG Chocolate BL40 has arrived. Bask in it's awesome perfection.

The screen is four inches wide, 21:9 ratio HD panoramic display while the camera is 5 Mega Pixels, auto focus with flash! Connect through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the phone's micro USB port. Priced at RM2, 199, it's slimness is also a factor of BL40's classiness.

Why do I like it longer?

Well, because I don't like stubby objects. Like phones, I treat my nails the same way. Occasionally I accessorize them, add extra protection to it's exterior and treasure them till it's old and broken.

Red and black has always been one of my favorite colors. Red is glamorous and striking.

Black is cool yet secretive.

Undoubtedly, both are very popular colors which would explain the excellent color combination of the ultimate smartphone.

Longer nails are prettier and easier to paint or decorate. They definitely stand out more than short nails. The length of LG Chocolate BL40 is unlike any other mobile phones, it will definitely catch the envious eyes of by-passers whether you're talking, texting or surfing.


Priscilla said...

I like the new LG phone also!!!! *high five*

Zoeyve said...

*high five* I want the new LG Chocolate phone!