Monday, January 18, 2010

My education is my future?

I'm so scared and nervous I can kill a dog. A Pomeranian which has been treating me very meanly. He started barking at me whenever I wrestled with sisexkitty (uh, my sister) and I got annoyed and avenged myself by hugging him tightly whenever I wanted. Caramel hates that, it suffocates him and maybe he's a little claustrophobic like I am.

I was talking about... my SAT.

I'm 17 this year and I plan on taking it at the end of this year or early next year. I've been studying hard for the first week of the year and I'm afraid I'll slow down and slack and procrastinate just like last year. I envision a perfect room for concentration. Pale green (nearly white walls), a comfortable black chair and a long study table.

How convenient that would be. I would stay in there all day, away from the social distractions and family disputes. I'll eat fish, wholemeal pita and milk plus supplements every single day and for every meal. It might sound like a prison to you but as long as there's sufficient light, no smoke and a bed for a nap, I'd fly there.

Blinking my eyes, I remember where I am now. Fantasy escapes always leave me disappointed. So, I'll have to use all my energy to put my focus on my books and pray to GOD I'll do great. I'll keep on retaking them till I get the score I want. I used to study last minute for exams but I'm gonna buy SAT preps and mock tests and whatever. Hire a tutor a month before I'm taking the examination, I'm serious.

I can't be worrying I have to be snoring ostentatious words and mumbling it's definition in my sleep. Oh Lord, help me.

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