Friday, January 15, 2010

10 Things to Thank for in 2009

Everyone probably summed up the whole year of 2009 two weeks ago but I hardly had the chance to blog. Last year is one of the worst years in my life, like a big piece of cow dung thrown on my face. Yeah, that bad. I cried the most number of times that year yet laughed twice as much. I guess a lot of good things happen to make up for all the shittiness.

Now, the ten things I thank God for in 2009...

1. My birthday party

It was my first birthday party in my LIFE! I'm so happy to see my friends bother to celebrate my birthday with me and they're uber funny and awesome. It sure made my year.

2. Family failure

I have come to experience that my family is not my rock. At least I learned it sooner than if it were to happen in the future and a bigger issue arose I would be abandoned and left to fend on my own. I was damaged to the core but that opened another door to some wonderful people.

3. Superhero friends

Seriously, I received 5 phone calls from schoolmates and bloggers, it was very unexpected. I didn't think anyone would care about what happened to me but I was wrong. A few offered me their place to stay for a while, like Ginny and Danielle. Mark wanted to bank in money to me but I refused.

The people I expected help from didn't do much. My cell group, my sibling... you know, people you usually label "family"?

4. Long awaited nose piercing

I've been thinking about a nose piercing since I was 13 and three years later, I finally got one! Hurray, yippy yay.

5. Truly Malaysian

'La' began to grow on me. I became more familiar with Bahasa Melayu (Malay), partly because I began conversing with the maid in Malay. Want proof? Here are a few Malay words I know: Ikan, ikan bilis, gemuk, lemak, bodoh, istimewah, panjang, putih, merah putih, cantik, comel, ayam, nenek, leher, kuku, tangan, mati, papadum, kaki, kereta, destinasi, sains, anjing, kucing, kopi gao, roti, pisang, cheese, telur.

Oh puh-lease, that's only a fraction half of what I know!

6. My first advertorial

Awesomeness and happiness. Approached by my cell group leader-Faith and proofread by Pastor Kevin. Wee.

7. Broadcasted in HTV

It stands for Harvest Television, an announcement segment in service in my church City Harvest. Again, it was all thanks to Pastor Kevin who got me that role. It was so cool and fun to do, wish I could host more often.

8. Visited an orphanage shelter

I'm so thankful for being able to help out a little but most of all, for what it taught me.

9. Lumix Camera

After months of prayer, I received a Lumix camera as an early Christmas present, NINE months early. But I'm not complaining, hee!

10. Ministry

I started serving in church and I'm learning so many things! New hairdos, knowing more people, building up confidence and handling responsibility.

Oh and of course all the events I attended, freebies, fun and food, they're all wonderful times.


Sue Me said...

You know another Malay word..

PONDOK!! Hahahaha..Porn Dog..LOL..

Missyve said...

Which reminds me of pokok! TREE! Hahaha, yeah, pondok/porn dog was the other half which I mentioned about. :P

~♥ ~l!l @ng3L~♥ ~ said...

nth bout me?? =(

Missyve said...

You're a HUGE part of No.3 and the reason for no.4!! Everyone knows that. I'm just naming out people who I never really got to appreciate.