Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stephanie's 21st birthday party

Happy birthday Stephanie! She's a chica who's already twenty-one. I was invited on Facebook for her homely birthday party and the food was lovely.

Ten of us came rather early (actually on time but you know us Malaysians) and two were late. 2nd row: Kelvin, Lih Ren, Meng Yoei, Stanley
1st row: Me, Stephanie, Suling, Joshua & his girlfriend.

Birthday cake was from Secret Recipe, um, white chocolate Macadamia nut. Delicious and unfortunately... fattening. T.T Kelvin was talking to someone about something and was in that position for quite some time.

He finally started to use hand gestures and I followed, picture snapped by Suling.

I didn't think he'd notice but he got his revenge by pulling my arm's red tie, zomg LOOK AT THAT evil face of his. Pity me and my pretty red bow.

Thank you, Suling for tying it back for me again. I was speechless, didn't think Kelvin would retaliate like that.

Simon was one of the late-comers, arriving after 10:30 but at least he wore red. The dress color for everyone was supposed to be red, taking a second look at the group picture before you can see not many people remembered/bothered.

It was awesome anyhoo, chatting and eating and eating. I loved the salad and desserts, most of the food was home-cooked. Great job Stephanie and aunty Kok. :]


Simon Seow said...

Yes, I follow theme one leh.

vialentino said...

shucks...i dunno how long i din come and visit ur blog...so sorry bout it...here i am now...

Missyve said...

Simon- Good la, ahha.

vialentino- It's fine I don't read your blog either.

Mesha said...

Have you forgotten about me?

How have you been by the way? I seem to have noticed that everyone is changing blog addresses, including myself!

Hopefully, we can keep in touch! Drop me a line at my new site >_<
Sorry, not being vain but don't really have the time these days to go to each blog and find the return comment!

I do read yours when I have the time though ^_^

Wen Pink said...

too bad i couldnt make it :( so sad. loookkkk sooooo fun!!!

stephanie yen ling kok said...

gah!!!!! happy buffday to me .. yealar wen .. u busy with bf lo horr