Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Orphanage for special children

I've been wanting to blog about this for quite some time (5 months) and since now it's the holidays, doesn't make much of a difference since I'm homeschooled I decided to take 20 minutes to update. I joined my church volunteer organization CHC Community Care after tagging along with two groups to visit an orphanage for special children.

It's a house located somewhere in SS23.

Firstly, I was very, very shocked. I didn't know it was "special" till I entered the house and also seeing the sheer number of orphans made it worse. I estimate approximately 30 kids, 7 toddlers and 3 babies?

It was a sad sight till two kids came running towards me, one giving me a hug, another pulling my hand to play with him. They were desperately in need of attention and love. So I entertained them but both were going in opposite directions and when I followed one child another would drag me back. So I had to distract one of them to go to the table and learn origami.

Jeffrey was teaching them how to fold planes or something.

The kid on the lower left is one of the three normal ones in this orphanage. The girl in the red dress was awfully shy, she'd keep smiling at me but wouldn't talk.

Fibiee was there to help spread some love as well.

The living room was mostly covered with blue cushions and 10 toddlers lied around doing nothing. I have no idea what condition it is, I remember I was told they were virtually paralyzed.

A baby with cleft lips/palate, she just arrived a couple of weeks at that time.

This girl got so attached to Fibiee she cried and wailed when we were leaving. Aww, someone adopt her!

An afternoon nap would mean sleeping on the floor. The chairs behind them are actually to strap some of the children because they turn violent or were likely to get seizures.

I'm not asking for donations or anything but if you have the time, why don't you visit them someday? Once a month with friends visiting different shelters each time and bringing candies. It'll definitely make them happy.

I started to count my blessings since then. I thank God for my healthy body, my able mind, my clothes, cosmetics and my family. Even though I wished I wasn't part of them I'm grateful that at least I have one.


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I am touch by the pictures. Good on ya. :)

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