Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Merdeka Day

Today's the ninth of September in the year of... 2009! I told myself I just HAD to blog on this very special numerological day. Since I had nothing cool in mind that would be a worthy topic for such a COOL DAY I decided to blog about what I did on Merdeka Eve.

I went out with Matthew and Emily. Apparently, Emily wasn't creative enough to think of her own pseudonym and copied my old nickname. I was obsessed with the name 'Emily' two years ago, it was like.. the other me. Anyhoo, we were eating in Pizza Hut at Sentul. This was 3-4 hours before Merdeka and Matthew was bored. My nickname will be revealed in the video, eheh.

That was an epic fail comeback, Siamese woman. "WE BOMB YOU"?!?!?

We went back to Matthew's place, Emily was whining about wanting to play Guitar Heroes, blah. We ate mochi or moshi or mushy whatever it is and marshmellows then we proceeded to head downstairs for the countdown. Matthew kept a lot of pictures and I don't know why so I only have two photos and videos to put here. I'm bringing my own dem' camera next time!

Merdeka truly Malaysia~

And we danced on the grass and around beautiful skinny trees.

It was my first time celebrating Merdeka. What do I like about Malaysia? Not the weather, definitely not the people, not the buildings or the education. One thing and one thing only, the cheap food. Like goodness, doughnuts costing only RM2 each?! Change it into USD or even SGD and it's dirt cheap yet still... yummy.

I pretty much dislike everything else. Long live doughnuts (and cookies and cakes and jelly beans), 万岁万岁万万岁!

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