Sunday, September 06, 2009

Final Destination : Rest in Pieces

What a great way to start the month by watching a free movie screening by Nuffnang. On Tuesday night Joseph and I went to One Utama's Starbuck, he enjoyed a Green Tea Frapp while I drank (extra)Chocolate Cream (extra)Chip.

We departed at 8:40 to collect the tickets from Nuffnang's booth located at TGV's cinema.

All of me lovelies. Yung Chien, Jeffro, Griza, Nigel, Joseph, Robb, Siau Wen and Jackie!

Was one of the lucky bloggers to be selected for blogging up a horrified picture of themselves. My seat was G15 but because we collected it late Joseph's sat behind me at row H.

Let's talk about the movie, which by the way, is Malaysia's first 3D live action horror film. Final Destination : Rest in Pieces is the fourth and supposedly the final sequel to the series. We didn't get to watch it in 3D because TGV wasn't one of the selected cinemas. My rating for the movie is 2.5/5.


I don't like gory, violent, corpse-filled movies but that isn't going to affect my judgment. Story is the lamest but it's pretty entertaining for those who love bloodshed and pain. I'm not putting up images of the movie here 'cus they're major spoilers, you'll know how all of them died then. I wouldn't suggest you watching it unless you only want to experience it in 3D. Lasting one hour and twenty minutes, I'm glad they didn't drag the death of the characters but it also shows the lack of creativity.

I prefer Final Destination 3. Blah. All of us were pretty disappointed, especially when we were expecting it to be in 3D.

The compulsory group photo. I had to personally turn the talking busy people around by their shoulders to face one direction and the rest naturally followed. I love this picture, don't you?

I camwhored with the people I didn't take pictures with before we entered the theatre. Swee An, who was a featured blogger in KLue.

Suresh was a victim of racism that night. Chocolate!

Nice picture taken by Jackie.

Later we speculated where to have supper. They were saying something about banana leaf and when we sat down I recognized the place. Last year I drank sangria for the first time.

The hottie Jessica and you're welcome. :)

My supper was guava. September is my skinny month, trying my best to be healthy not anorexic.

I thought guava was all I was having that night till Darien called me to say Shari brought back what her aunty made from her hometown and was coming over to pass it to me.

Enveloped mysteriously in a thick wrapping of newspapers further obscured by the plastic bag.

It was actually durian and milk mixed together into an ice-cream container. It's soooo goood and convenient. I shared it with everyone except Nigel and his girlfriend, how can Malaysians NOT like durians?!? You're not one of us, unfly guy!


Jackie Loi said...

hahahaha racist!! CHOCOLATE!! XP

Joshu@law said...

hi! Nice meeting you that night...but didn't talk to you also...XD
Anyways, nice post! 1st time see a girl go mamak eat guava and durian! LoL~

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...


Missyve said...

Jackie- It's a cute racename, HAHA.

Joshualaw- Yeah, you were camwhoring with siauwen, hah. If I could only get into the Malaysian records for that. Pfft.

Jessica- Rawwwwkssss!