Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Facebook Lite

I logged into Facebook just like any other day but this time... in their Lite version (using Google Chrome).

I was watching 8TV's Nite Live, which I rarely do and some dude was talking about the new tagging in Facebook status updates and the basic, simple application-less Facebook Lite. They're not completely done with the design, it's rather plain and boring but hey, much better than the clutter of games and stupid quizzes.

Clicking around randomly, I noticed my captions weren't there, purely pictures and videos. Comments were gone as well. Looking at the top blue bar there's only Profile, Events and Inbox where in the regular Facebook Events is replaced by Friends and there's a Home link before Profile.

Anyways, I would only use Facebook Lite if I'm simply uploading pictures or replying urgent messages then applications and other unnecessary crap won't slow me down. So I'll wait for them to complete this version and consider logging into it frequently.

Oh, and Google Chrome is much faster than Internet Explorer, that is, for loading sites but uploading pictures onto Facebook/Blogger is around the same speed. You can now tag people in your statuses by typing @(name) or just type @ and a dropdown list will show all of your friend's name whereby you can click on your selected friend.


simonso said...

aik changed layout wo

Missyve said...

Yesh, don't like?