Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cupcake Clique

Hullo cuties, long time no update. I figure Facebook and Twitter is sufficient for my friends and blogging shouldn't be a heavy responsibility but rather enjoyably done in leisure time. I don't get why some bloggers rush and rack over updating their blogs everyday/frequently and get all stressed over it. Blogging should be enjoyed!

Anyhoo, I'm in this cool GANG where the four of us have cupcake photos for our profile pictures. Now who are the COOL members? In order of who changed it first:
Priscilla, Zoe, Chee Meng and Jee Kit.

Gaah, love them so much! They're uberly sporting and supportive of the cupcakes sister and I baked. Hannah taught me how to carefully scoop dough out of the bowl and gently scrape them off into the cupcake paper.

Even though they look like crapcake the top is smoothened after being heated inside the oven. I always stare at the raw baby cakes rising and growing into a yummy, beautifully grown cupcake.

But they're covered with shit milo icing so no one would care to see how gorgeously round the top is in the end. I specially reserved this four for us and Jee Kit's so nice. He keeps asking when we're gonna bake them again. *hugs*

I did give some out for others to try, people like Jeremy, Shawn, Hui Fen who gave a little bite to Abel. The only problem with our cupcakes is the sweetness. I, being health-conscious told Hannah not to put so much sugar (if not I wouldn't mind) but she said the icing would be too watery and it needed to be thicker. Maybe we'll add more butter next time...


anne marie isabelle said...

OOo baking cupcakes! nice... I just baked a cake using a rice cooker... ^^

Missyve said...

Omg, HOW DO YOU DO THAT?! Never heard of it.. that's so cool.