Sunday, September 13, 2009


This picture was taken by Kevin a couple of months ago. Suling told me she saw my picture on his blog two weeks ago when we were chatting at Bean's. So I checked it out but didn't have the guts to see my photographs. I browsed through the images of other people and convinced myself the picture couldn't be THAT bad.

Quinting my eyes the first thought was "I... don' my face." Kevin's a great photographer and all just that the outline of my face is :( This side is not a good angle for me, it's not even about me. Look at that beautiful, comfortable corset.

Celine asked me to model this for her after the Music Bash and I agreed, feeling rather honored that a talented hottie like her would want me to wear apparels she personally designed and produced. Yep, the picture below is Celine Yap looking 10x better than me.

With all my heart I believe she'll be incredible in the fashion industry.


Cheng Leong said...

*nose bleed

ButTeRcUp said...

wow.. ur pics doesn't shows that you're young. of cos, i'm not saying you're old. but u sure look good.

Adam said...

Wow, Suling!???

LOL, you have to be kidding me?

By the way, you look really good in that outfit, awesome.

Adam said...


You have got to be kidding!??

By the way you look awesome, really good in that outfit.

Missyve said...

Cheng Leong- Gosh I'm flattered! LOL.

Buttercup- Funny thing 'cus I don't really like it.. maybe it's my esteem but thank you. =)

Adam- What's wrong with her? A friend of hers I assume? Thanks Adam.

HitoMi^^ said...

That is sexy wei!! I love the corset...totally SEXY!! i want that corset

Lisian Toh said...

you look fantastic! Your butt looks great. I am jealous...

if you want to do anything then, you should design a better tattoo (coverup) for your cross - I get it redone is say 3-D style. i also like lover back tattoo - it would have looked cool peeking through the corset!

Cialo, Lisian x

Missyve said...

Hitomi- Hmm, i think she's pricing it around 200? E-mail her if you're interested.

Lisian- ROFL, it's small! The jeans make it look tight but thanks anyways, ahah. I plan to laser off my tattoos (that is if I can afford it) and do another one on my hips next time.

ivn said...

it's not that bad... but hey at least it emphasizes your curves :\ i guess it's just you... haha :)