Monday, September 28, 2009

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

This was weeks ago when I watched the premiere screening of Beyond a Reasonable Doubt thanks to Nuffnang. I won't be giving a review but instead post pictures and write pointless stuff, yay, go Zoe.

Saw Jackie there and I love him for not watermarking his blog URL on his photos in his Facebook albums, yeap, this picture is his. Thank you Jackie.

Don't read BS as bullshat please.

A few people I didn't see for months was there and it was great, we all anticipate the phototaking session.

Joseph who's always kind to pick me up all the way from Sentul and Howard looking better each time I meet him.

In Joseph's car 4 hours before the movie screening, his genius idea.

Oh yeah, Nuffnang sorta gave me the tickets last minute and initially I was Joseph's guest but with the two extra tickets I invited Zhao Hong and gave the other to Evelyn who confidently came without a ticket or as a guest knowing there will always be wasted empty seats.

I rate the movie 4.5/5, it was shocking and well-scripted I guess. The main actor was Gabrielle Solis' lover, the gardener-John. Which reminds me I gotta catch up with the latest season of Desperate Housewives, I'm just a third through Season Five.

Not forgetting The Ugly Truth, invited by Simon So and I called him a liar because he told me to reach at 8PM but the movie only started one and a half hours later. *chokes Simon* Chee Meng was my date and is NOT my boyfriend like what Kate and Hikamaru teased.

Thanks Simon, love much!


Sue Me said...

I dont know whether I want to laugh or compliment your cuteness in the video. But it was sooooooooooo believable. I totally believe you sang it though the voice ahem doesn't suit you at all. Hahahaha...

Missyve said...

Laugh and praise, please! Hahaha, *phew* I'm relieved it didn't suck or look fake. I listened to the song for several times so I sorta know the timing of the words. Thank youuu *hugs*

Jackie Loi said...

haha u can alwiz ask d full high quality pic from me thorugh msn..d 1 i upload in fb low quality adi 1