Friday, August 07, 2009

What the..

Work is not easy. Especially underpaying crappy part-time jobs that overwork you into a full-timer due to lack of staffs and still give you part-time salary. ANYWAYS, I'm working as a promoter in an apparel retail shop. I have to stand for 10 hours when I'm on a Full Shift and 7 hours for half day. Totally, 3 hours cuts the day into two. I didn't know it was the holiday season and so many tourists were visiting Malaysia.

There were a lot of Iraqis coming in. Heck, I didn't know and as I was standing, at the side of my eyes I could of swore I saw Death coming to kill me.

I gasped a little not wanting to scream to frighten everyone (or embarrass myself if it was just one of my delusions) and quickly turned my head back. Oh.

Muslim Iraqi woman. GOLLY, YOU GAVE ME A FRIGHT.

She was just reaching out her hand to lift the hanger off the stand. Looks exactly like Death axing your head off. Then I was scared she would be offended by my gasp, thank God she didn't hear through all that cloth.

I love their totally black, body-covering outfit. You can only see their big beautiful eyes, hands and a little bit of their feet when they walk. The dress is so long they have to drag it. Strange though, why do they go shopping for? Pretty revealing ones too, I don't get it. They come in the shop, check out the colorful nice semi-pants, party dresses, skirts and tops.

To wear it at home or underneath the conservative black outfit? =l

Enlighten me, I will not Google it.


Omar said...

Definitely to wear em at home! :) Islam has dress code restrictions for both male and female. But for females it's more about being properly/modestly clothed when among males they're not related to. I guess they'd want to be judged more for their skills and intelligence rather than on their looks. It's about concealing their sexuality.
I'm sure they'd want to go try out the latest dresses available, follow the newest 'fad' in town (I mean, otherwise she wouldn't be a woman specimen then?). And so the only people whom amongst they can wear them are their family members. In the Koran it's mentioned that women should guard their modesty and not display their beauty except to their husbands.
Hehe..I hope that doesn't scare you :) You must see muslim women in Malaysia wearing the head scarf rather than the complete veil.

Loo said...

i heard my fren said they wear like damn hot at home and around family n frens. and they wear big brands like versace, gucci all the time. just take a look at their shoes and handbags. they are filthy rich lah. But i can never be happy if I am like that. cannot even wear them outside, what's the point.

Missyve said...

Omar- Oh, thanks mate! Yeah, the Malays just wear tudungs, if that's what you call it. I wouldn't mind though, protects me from the sun and it makes me feel very confident. Flaws would be completely hidden but my identity will be a mystery.

I do find it; however, a little extreme for religion.

Loo- YEAH, VERY RICH! I think most of their money is on clothes and food. I think wearing nice just for family is fine although a little constrictive. Wouldn't want perverts looking at you anyways.