Monday, August 24, 2009


Just to announce on my very own personal blog that I've changed my profile picture in my Twitter a.k.a micro-blogging social networking service account from this...

to this.

Now, why did I change it? Why am I blogging about this? Personally, I think the first picture doesn't look like me. I look so skinny but in real life my face is HUGE. In the second picture it proves that I can actually... blow a bubble!

With bubble gum of course. Not that latex rubbery glove, ahem. I've learned that many people can't whistle or blow bubbles (using bubble gum) and that was SHOCKING. Seriously, how can you NOT know how to blow bubbles and/or whistle?! Not to mention swimming, these are all life-saving skills that must be mastered!

Look at me pointing to my bubble with ma thumbs. I'm so cool and for those who can't do it are unfortunately, uncool. That's right. I'm a cool twit which makes me a twool. I know, I should stop coining lame words. There are some things that just won't fit. 'ROFLMAO' [roll on floor laughing my ass off] might work but 'WTFML' [what the **** my life] doesn't cut it.

I gotta say, I love this revolutionary blogging system it's addictive and convenient. Unlike the typical blog where we write hundreds of stuff and upload pictures we can just update people with a line or two about what we're doing. It's a great cover up for bad composition and spelling. All we have to say is 'were only given 140 charectorz its not laik i cunt spell'.

Yeeeah. I feel like quitting this. I can express myself in so many different ways and sites now. I won't feel like I'm spamming when I'm typing different statements into different web services. I'm so tempted to vlog but I don't want to be taking up precious cyber space with the crap I would rant about. I just might one day and hide under a rock for the rest of my life 'cus of the embarrassment.


FengY said...

im guilty of not knowing how to whistle, blow bubbles and swimming :D

Serge Norguard said...

im guilty of being guilty. *feeds zoe some chocs*

Missyve said...

Fengy- Tsktsktsk, I'll teach you later. How can, you're a doctor ley!

Serge- Maltesorz!!! Thank you.