Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today, yesterday and tomorrow.

Here's a quickie wrap of what happened today and yesterday. I woke up at 8 in the morning and dressed like a college girl. Jeans and a tee, simple.

I tried Popeye's at Sunway Pyramid for the first time today (dinner) and it sucked BIG TIME. Fish Burger is crap burger.

Yesterday I bought one blueberry cheese tart after remembering the sad incident when Priscilla refused to give me the one she was passing to her sister. :( This one tart cost a whooping RM2.50.

BUT I loved it so much I bought five. I know, shut up. At least I bargained with the stall owner and he sold it to me for 11 ringgit. See, buying in bulk in always better.

I was thinking of giving two away to two loved people but only managed to successfully pass one and ate the rest. :l After that I went to the second floor of the library and traced the outline of my right hand. Drawing nail art on it too.

That was because I was distracted by my nails while studying the Bible.

I think my mood kept swinging, possibly bipolar disorder (kidding) 'cus I felt extremely down all of a sudden and needed to draw. I always have the urge to draw on fresh blank white paper. Don't ask me what it is, it just happened.

Tomorrow I will be going back again listening to psychology lectures and hopefully complete one section of my Science book. Love you guys.


kenwooi said...

haha the burger doesnt look like a burger also.. more like a bread sandwich.. =P

Nicevil said...

Hmmmm...... so the left side is a girl who puts on makeup, on the eyes and lips. She is beautiful and everyone treats her nicely, but deep deep DEEP inside she is feeling vain, fake, & unhappy.

In comparison the right side girl is just happy not putting any makeup whatsoever. Freedom ! Yay !


Interesting art ! :)

Missyve said...

kenwooi- Popeye's suck in MY, the one at Changi airport is way better.

Nicevil- Funny! I do feel like that sometimes, good decoder you are. Thanks brother <3

Carson Heng said...

cheese tartssss!! <3 =3