Sunday, August 02, 2009

Three Days of Fame

July was a good and bad month. I enjoyed a lot of junk food but am now suffering the consequences. Also, Tock told me to check my Sitemeter one fine night and I got the shock of me life. From my average hits of 70 that week it flew up to 400. I clicked on Referrals and saw a lot coming from

I was a little baffled and figured readers clicked on my name in the comment section. So I checked out Kenny's blog and read his short talk right here. I totally remember the time I wanted to give away my hamster! Kenny couldn't la, as he wrote. I'm not a traffic whore but I gotta say, that spike got me heck nervous.

"Omg, nearly 500 people reading my blog. *fears judgment and scrutiny*"

The stats on Sitemeter.

The statistic from Nuffnang's, the first six bars are so sad.

Yeah, it got me really nervous but ironically, I didn't receive one single comment. Gee, thanks. My reaction should be "SO LITTLE?! You get 18k viewers a day and I only get 400 from you?" Probably because of the small font.

Anyways, it gradually dropped and I could blog normally again. I know some of you bloggers get 3-5k hits a day without a sweat but for me, a humble unfamous (not infamous ah) blogger, it blew me awayyyy.


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