Saturday, August 01, 2009

Smelly Elevator

*Enters elevator*

Me: What's that sme-smoke. Someone smoked in the elevator.

Joseph looked at me.

"I hate smokers!" on the second thought I corrected myself, "I hate inconsiderate smokers."

I was thinking about the rude smokers who would spit on ground, blow smoke onto your face, dump ashes from their balcony and smoke indoors when you, assuming a non-smoker, are present.

Two seconds later I took back what I said with, "No. I hate all smokers because THEY DON'T CONSIDER THE PLANET!"

I expressed myself so agitatively even I was a little bummed at how I acted. All he could say was "Okay... Do you believe I smoke shisha?"

*facepalms* *headwall* *jumpfloor* <--- Yesimadethisphraseupmyselfitmaybelamebutit'swaycoolerthantheword"lala". Whatastupidword.


sy1n said...

totally agree!!! smokers don't consider the planet nor everyone around them. esp when i see some parent smoke in front of their 1 month old baby... aih...where's the love?

Missyve said...

My dad, cousins and friends would smoke in front of me and tell me not to smoke. I felt like saying I'm breathing yours anyways, thanks.

Yeah, kids are the worst victims. Wish the government would do something to make this country smoke-free like SG.