Saturday, August 15, 2009

People I love.

I'll be writing entries periodically about the people I love. The special people who I appreciate or am attracted to for unknown reasons. For this post it's gonna be about Linda.

She's Indonesian and she's my cell group member. Linda visited our church a few months ago and instantly joined our cell group and became a regular member. I only started to remember her name two-three weeks ago. You can see by now that I wasn't very close to my cell group. For all these months I just knew that she and her clique belonged in my CG was from Indonesia and studied here but never really cared.

Only recently did we converse, last time in service or meetings we would see each other and not say anything at all. It all changed after I had lunch with her and a few other friends in a college I've frequently been going to.

Linda, however, did catch my attention earlier this year. Maybe it was her aura but I sensed a very different attitude from her, I just innocently observing her chat away after church service. Her style, personality and looks interested me. Safe to say I didn't stalk her and write an entire profile on what food she liked and disliked. It was just an intriguing moment that faded in my narcissistic nature.

Still, I was attracted to her. She was the type of person I'd go up and ask hopefully, "Can I be your best friend? *:D*" Linda is such a fun person, I only realized after I saw all the pictures of gatherings with her posing in a cute whacky manner. And that was how I learned a piece of her disposition, weirdly, I was always puzzled at what I was trying to remember whenever I saw her.

Just 4-5 days ago, it hit me. That fish... in a head tank. "YEAH. Chicken Little characterrr..." Fish Out of Water.

Talk about epiphanies, remember, I was pondering about it for months! I was overjoyed when I finally solved one of my lingering mysteries. You know how somethings bug you when you don't know what it is and it feels so exciting when that imaginary bulb in your brain lights up. *screams EUREKA*

Anyhoo, she's an easy chick to get along and only talks when approached. Not one who would act on a friendship first unless you're acquainted with a good/close friend of hers. At least that is what I perceived from our relationship. Usually she sticks to a handful of girlfriends mainly and talks simply (jokes and stuff).

I do find it very endearing, qualities just like in Fish Out of Water. That bubbly, cheery, oblivious gold fish wearing a genuine light smile. Replaying a scene of the movie in my head where the aliens were attacking the town, vaporizing objects and the animals running and screaming in a frenzy. There you see FOW unaware of the dangerous situation and sillily do circles playing in the streets like everyone was playing a game of tag. Not forgetting all the other adorable scenes of Fish Out of Water levitated by the aliens into their ship and countless of other cute scenes.

So yeah, Linda's a sister I love. I don't know what made her so attractive to me. Hopefully we'll be great sisters, I just love hanging out with her. Continue to be the quirky, chirpy, perky and beautiful person you are, love.

Zomg, FOW blogskin! LULZ

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