Monday, August 10, 2009

I hap Jesus.

3 nights ago while my sister was away at a pre-birthday slumber party I laid on the bed all alone. The maid came in and I asked her if she wanted to sleep next to me and she asked why. I said, "Eerrrrmmmm.. Saya scared.... hantuuuuuuuuuuuuuu." After a few seconds showing a blank face she simply replied, "You hap Jesus mar."

At that instance she sounded very Filipino. You know when they pronounce all the v's and f's with a p. Boypren, pat (fat), pery, pantastic, etc. I was also ashamed. I, rather than showing faith, was reminded by a Muslim of my Christian God. "Uh. Yeah. That's true... *hesitates*" I had nothing to say so I wished her good night and slept. At first I had problems breathing so I couldn't fall a sleep but did so after long. I woke up, heart racing, coughing like mad. That was when my irrational fears seemed so real to me, a heart attack maybe?

I prayed to God like it would be my last. Just like any other night, I was certain I was going to die. I calmed myself down by SMS-ing YS and DK and rested. I managed to fall back asleep till 10 minutes later the laptop cable started cracking. There's something wrong with the plug and we had to move it around and position it just right to get the electricity flowing through.

So whenever it made that cracking electrifying sound, it usually meant that it went off the circuit. Weirdly enough, that sound kept on sizzling. Which isn't normal because when it goes off the circuit it stops making any sounds unless you move it again. I believed there was a ghost fiddling with the cable to disturb my sleep. I opened my eyes, waiting and wishing it would stop. 5 minutes on it continued, my head covered with the blanket, eyes wide open.

I couldn't take it anymore. I got up immediately and at the same time the sound stopped. Odd, isn't it? 2 seconds later it started to crack again and I called the maid with my phone. "Kak... can you come up?"

"Kenapa?" she replied in a tired voice. [or was it 'apa?']

"I'm scared... won't you come up, please?"

"*groans* O.K."

She turns off the house alarm and enters my room soon enough. I pointed to the laptop's plug and she said I could of just turned it off. LIKE I WOULD...ALONE?! She's the bestest maid in Malaysia, she's more like a nanny.

Thank you so much, Kak. I really needed someone to be there and you despite being so tired came up still! I could sleep peacefully afterwards but in the morning I accidentally placed my palm over her face. I got up immediately. I'm getting back into the old habit of physically disturbing my sleeping partners. I used to kick about when I sleep, when I was 4-7 I would wake up with my feet on my pillow. I somehow managed to make a 180-degree turn.

Not to mention sleepwalking, coolest thing ever. Anyways, I love you Kak! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I would of stayed up all night if you didn't comfort me just like now. I haven't had a wink 'cus of my silly fears. I will learn to face them and overcome them. I need a little more faith after nightfall when evil is most alive. Darkness is a scary place to be in, all of us should live in the light forever.

I had this thought once about chasing the sun. If I could, I'd fly aeroplanes around the world and never experience night time again. I'd sleep in daylight, I would live all of my life in the sunlight. Except, transportation would be a huge problem. Unrealistic escapes I make up, there's nothing I can do but to fight it temporarily by staying up all night or overcoming it with a little more faith.

Jesus laps you and me and eveprybady!


ButTeRcUp said...

Suddenly, reading this makes me think that you're more Malaysian now. I don't know why but i feel glad. LOL!

And she's a good maid I can see. Some people just won't even bother to wake up. Treat her good. Haha. And, He's always there. Have faith. And err, Philipinos are mostly Christians or Catholics(unless she's different case).

p/s: you might had done a 860-degree turn. You just don't know it.

Jeffro said...

Ooo.. i like the layout.. bright this time eh? but why i dun see me.. :(

Missyve said...

Buttercup- I don't mind being Malaysian but I don't wanna SOUND Malaysian! Yeah, I love her altho she can complain endlessly like all women. She's Indonesian I just said she sounded Filipino.

She's a Muslim. ROFL, that would be hilarious. Thanks for the thought, it's a slim possibility.

Missyve said...

Jeffro- Thanks, I didn't like the older one but was too busy to change it whenever I remembered. I just linked ya. :D

Jeffro said...

hahaha.. thanks! Likewise, i hope you're alwez happy too! remember, we're FAMILY and what FAMILY means.. :D

Missyve said...

Your definition or mine? LOLOLOL
I love ya, brotha.

Wen Pink said...

why i don see me too? :( u have forgotten about me.. *sniffs* btw, i wish ur maid could read what u wrote up there.. it's very meaningful..

Missyve said...

Wen Pink - Really? Oh no, I accidentally deleted a few actually and forgot who they were. Will link you back! Aw, really? Thanks... she is a really good maid. :)