Thursday, August 13, 2009

How I blog

Have you ever wondered... probably not. I'll complete the question anyways, have you ever wondered how my blogging style was molded? I don't know what my style is I think it varies from time to time but honestly, I do struggle with what I should say occasionally. Sometimes, I'm embarrassed with the dumb things I write and delete them the day after.

Sometimes, I restrain myself from pouring my feelings despite my need to release it. I didn't want my blog to be a negative, emotional, boring blog but I didn't want it to be purely for the reader's entertainment like a magazine column. So I try to mix a little personality and party into this blog of mine, if you realize I only put one small side banner for advertisements. I figured it'd be a bit too much to put ad campaigns everywhere and that would make me conscious of my readership.

The internet is a dangerous place and I wouldn't want the words of my past to haunt me in the future. I gotta think twice before I say something (especially when there's Google cache) lest I regret it and have to eat it all back. I improved in my writing after reading the blogs of others, their formal organized style and some fun creative compositions. The first few posts I composed is humiliating, I started blogging when I was 10+.

I had trouble uploading pictures and the placement of images would be a mess. I'd publish boring things like going to school and coming back home, the entire post would never be more than 5 sentences long. Then I stopped blogging for a year or two and at primary 6 I wrote "twittily". My friends influenced me to write like a twit, you know... spelling like a moron.

Yesterdae aii wen tuu sku ann ii studeed alortxx, sho bawrin 0maigawd! tch ish sho stewpig wann. You get what I mean, twittism.

Thank God I changed in high school. I only spelled like that 'cus of peer pressure, clearly, I was mixing with the wrong peers. I continued typing boring stuff for another year and when I started uploading pictures I didn't know what to say and would just use capital captions. For example:

I went to church/the beach today. SO FUN!


[pic 2#]

[pic three]

(name) AND I.
[4th pic]

-ends abruptly- "

I was a noob blogger. After time I stopped the whole capitalization thing. It was only until I was 14 and started socializing with other bloggers and felt compelled to compose more quality posts. I actually developed paragraphs, a miracle! Even though it still isn't smooth, jumping from an idea to another in a snap with no transitional phrases whatsoever. I started going for blog-related events and when you do, you meet a whole lot of new people and we'll check out each others' blog. I was aware of that and stopped myself from saying anything too personal.

BUT, reading other blogs opened me up. Especially the girls, they would just voice out all their emotions which shocked me a little nonetheless encouraged me to do the same. So it is the influence of others that I stay rooted in making my blog semi-personal rather than monetizing it completely to be commercial.

Also, it's thanks to them that my entries can sound a little more literate than dumb. I think my posts began to be (barely) enjoyable in the early months of last year. So I believe I came a long way in this cyber world to where I am now. Blogging has changed my life and I am thankful for the internet. Such vast amount of information we can tap into with just a few clicks and just how much we can contribute as well.

I don't like reading popular blogs anyways, they pressure me to blog more 'professionally'. Staying grounded is what I want. I wonder how you developed your writing style?


Louis Yap said...

harrow to you too!

never check your twitter ah! i replied you after yours. was in the libraryy x)


Corynn said...

It's good that you are careful with what you post on your blog. That's the wise thing to do. I like the way you spell words now..hehe.. Also like the new layout, very nice!

Millie said...

I like your new blog skin! Old one is a lil bit emo . :x Love you dar! muacks..

Missyve said...

Corynn- Sometimes I am reckless, can't care about what might happen anymore. Thanks, I like your drawings. Yeah, I hated that skin..

Millie- The old one was dark and unpleasant, love you too! *smooch*

Simon Seow said...

Come read my blog. I'm not pro at all.