Sunday, August 23, 2009


Friday, 3 days ago, was a reallly bad day for me. I woke up in the morning to go ice-skating at Sunway Pyramid and the skates sucked. My left sole ached like mad, my toes were forming blisters and this little girl in a green skirt kept bumping into me. She was like... 5 or 6 years old but learning professionally.

The first time she bumped into me I gave the excuse-me face and brushed it off. Next, while I was skating past her she did that leg-up spin thingy nearly cutting my face. Thank God she's a kid or else I would have been decapitated. I do visualize skating blades slicing off body parts, not a pretty sight. I'd bloody stamp on her throat if I had a scratch on me.

I was in a HORRIBLE mood because of the skates and the ICE. OH GOODNESS, the ice in the morning is so milky yet the regulars call it smooth. So the third and final time that little twirp took no notice skated right pass me I was so pissed I said, "WHAT THE fuuuuuuuuuuuccccccck?!" It was accidental, I *will not* swear!

The ice-skates they give us really need some upgrading. Perhaps it was my toe/ankle socks but still, those plastic things hurt and the blades need some shaping. I could not balance my left skate's blade evenly on the ice and had to put a lot of weight on my outer left sole just to skate correctly. Each time it ached I said the f-word in a long stretch, hoping to reduce the sinningness of it. Rather than 'fuck fuck fuck fuck' it was 'fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck'.

Get it? [Forgive me that was purely for demonstration.]

*coughs* Anyhoo, I watched District 9 after that. I would not have watched that movie if the homeschoolers didn't choose and buy it without telling us (sister and I) first. I really dislike watching movies in a group, always arguing about which movie we want and there will be a few talkers in the theatre. It's enjoyable to watch a comedy alone but when it's a horror/thriller film, you need someone.

The best thing about Friday was the night service with Troy Marshall. He was the special guest speaker that weekend and I always love Western preachers, they speak better and joke better and... pretty much everything's better. That night, I sat in the artiste room a couple of hours before the service watching them hair stylists and make-up artistes doing their thing to the musicians who were gonna perform on stage. I was considering whether I should join this ministry 'cus I've been a Christian for nearly five years now, pretty faithful to church (I guess) and have never ever commited to a ministry.

And ministry is important 'cus it's about serving people and contributing to the house of God. There were always issues whenever I asked about it, the leader would say I need to take Bible study first or she thought I wasn't ready for it. Shit like that. But now, without any resistance... I'm in the hair and make-up ministry! Yay *ballerina twirl*raining jelly beans*

Great. I feel a little nervous, a little excited, a little hesitant, a little lazy and a little unsure. But that's just me, I always feel that way whenever I buy something or decide on something, such as buying something. Okay, I'm acting up, when I say I act up it means I'm turning goofy. Ever since I watched Spongebob and that huge peanut singing "I'm a goofy goober, yeah. YOU'RE a goofy goober yeah. WE'RE ALL GOOFY GOOBERS YEAH! Goofy goober, goofy goober... YEAH!"

I fell in love with the song (not the peanut, silly). So right, back to... Troy. He's a great black preacher and I say that with no hate or racist intent, I attended pretty much all four sevices and his testimony is simply amazing. He was talking about the law of covenant/reaping and sowing. When GOD tells you to do something, you obey and He is bound to bless you back, He wants to anyway but conjures a deal for it. He gave away his only car and was blessed with a second-hand BMW, he gave away everything in his apartment; furniture, cutleries, toiletries, cooking utensils. And soon after a wealthy person from Alaska (if I remember correctly) who owns oil rigs bought him a new spanking two-bedroom furniture-filled apartment.

Of course you don't crazily give away stuff hoping to get better things in return. Pastor Troy heeded the voice of GOD and GOD knows all of our needs and He commanded Troy to give it away to others who were more in need. I know, crazy stuff. So don't go around giving free chocolate bars thinking you'll receive golden nuggets.

Anyways, I'm hungry. Murni, anyone?

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