Sunday, August 16, 2009

CHC KL's 8th Anniversary Gala Dinner Celebration

3 weeks ago my church celebrated it's 8th anniversary by booking Sunway Resort Hotel's hall. Expensive (wei)! The ticket costs RM100 but the church subsidized half of it thus early birds only had to pay 50 ringgit. The usual price of the ticket rose to RM88 for those who registered late. Food was average, quite a feast for a normal dinner but there wasn't anything mouth-watering.

Entertainment was good, singers and dancers performed on stage. A lot of awards were given out such as the best cell leader, the best usher, funniest person, etc. Unfortunately, I can't remember much of the titles and winners. It's all gonna be pictures now.

Yee See, Venetia, Zoe and Ai Lee.

Alvin and me.

Darien and me (with a leetle bit of Denise).

Faith's cell groups mixed with a few of James'. Sze Ying, Denise, Zoe, Joanne, Yee See, Jessica, Rachel, Venetia, (can't see yo' face), Alyssa, Faith, Linna and Ai Lee.

Fibee and Yee See. My face is copied and pasted in all the pictures, so don't bother looking at me.

I applied make-up on Denise and Rachel. I could of done better but I didn't bring enough materials (sponge and brushes).

Cool guy I met from City Care, Hunter (won the best emo scene with Faith) and Alfred (who's a twin, COOLER).

Linda is extremely pretty without make-up and she dressed sexily smart that night.

Glamorous, Goddess and 'Gorgeous'. My jaw dropped when I saw Faith (the one in red), we were both speechless, I said "You look so.... GODDESS!" after she commented, "You look... gorgeous!" I wanted to say she was gorgeous but since she beat me to it I had to use another word.

Can't expect me to say gorgeouser!

Yee See had her face professionally made up by her friend who's a make-up artiste. Her skin was flawless. Pretty la you :P

Chee Meng was nominated for Mr.CHC and I made Hannah vote for him, heh, by borrowing her phone and SMS-ing on behalf of her. Sucked he didn't win 'cus he was looking real suave.

Good-looking, sexy and friendly, what more can you ask for?

Chee Meng, Cindy/Paulina, Zoe, Daniel, Jee Kit and Joel.

Daniel Koh.

Group pictures:

1) Alyssa, Keith, Juli (his wife) and me. 2) David Oh, Shirley Boon and moi.

3) Pastor Kevin dressed like a reverend, cute. 4) Yee See, Zoe and Ken.

Sorry la, my blogger memory is quickly using up. Must save space for future pictures, 1G only. Besides, you wouldn't want me spamming photos in a single entry.

I... forgot her name. :S We stood beside each other and she started talking to me and we exchanged names then the photographer took a photo of us. I'll bump into her in church sometime and tell you peeps her name soon aight? Cute chick.

The 16 year old girls: Elaine, Nicole and Zoe. I feel very tall when I stand with them.

How could I not have a photo with Hannah when she was my date? My camera was misplaced and I didn't have the time to dig for it so I was frowning all night (except in pictures of course), so many potential pretty pictures GONE. Cheer for my cell group leader because she won the best cell leader award, congratulations! She's also getting married next year and I made her promise (months before the proposal happened) that I would be one of her bridemaids.

She'll be the best mother too! Congratulations to all those who won a glass trophy or two, do your best for the church and God. Happy birthday City Harvest Kuala Lumpur. My present is posting this event as my 555th entry, woot.

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