Saturday, August 22, 2009


Who loves jelly beans? ZOE loves jelly beans!
Is it true? Is IT true?
I do, I do, I do, I do-ooooh!

My wonderful candified sister brought out a small box of Kinder chocolate and Jelly Belly jelly beans one night. She said we would have the jelly beans for breakfast and I went crazy about it. I COULD'T wait and just couldn't stop talking about it on Twitter, Plurk and Facebook. I had an idea in all of my excitement, "When we wake up the FIRST thing we're gonna say is 'JELLY BEANSSS!' No, no!! 'JELLY BELLY JELLY BEANS, YAY!'"

Hannah agreed to it. In 8 hours both of us woke up by Aunty's loud knocks on the door, Hannah was gonna say something but I quickly shushed her with my finger and said, "Jelly Belly jelly beans!" She frustratingly said, "Ugh, open the door."

Yep, she ruined it. I was complaining about her breaking the jelly bean covenant and you wouldn't believe what she said... "WHAT. COVENANT?!" WHAT?!? That is just too much, sista. I thought nothing could break us apart but jelly beans are such a huge thing in my life and you...
have to choose.

The red or the blue bean?

Which one is it gonna be?

Will you choose the blue one and escape reality forever? You just turned 18 this year, there's still hope for you. The jelly beans will forgive you if you pick the red one. Not fate or luck, don't flip a coin now. Choose.

Gah, who cares when you've got so many other colors! Jelly Belly is expensive in Malaysia la, we need quality local jelly beans.

Anyhoo, a jelly morning to you beanies.

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