Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Remember my post about being the cast for HTV? Last weekend it was broadcasted in church before the preaching started. I dragged Hannah along and buried my face in her shoulders laughing my ass OFF. I laughed so loud some people in front were looking back wondering who was making such a racket.

So it's on the church's webby now. It'll only be on for a few more days and some of you were interested to see the video. Here it is!

Gotta be animated... gotta look silly. This is where I was like, "...this campaign! *draws in elbows and clench fists for ekstra effex*" WWF Malaysia is trying to ban the consumption and sale of turtle eggs. Gotta be passionate about that!

It was fun. I hope I do it again.

Thanks Pastor Kevin! =)


Sue Me said...

nice...i just watch it :)

Missyve said...

REALLY?! YAY! Lubb j0oo!