Thursday, July 09, 2009

What annoys me.

Hihihihihi. For starters that's one. I'm in a negative whiny mood. So read my expressed complaints about people, friends and strangers! If I were to refer to you, don't be offended, feel commended! *poetic mood*

Right. A list of annoyances. (Bracketed are exceptions.) Lettered opinion on how to avoid annoying me/others. :D

1)Consistently nudging me when I don't reply you within 5 seconds on MSN. Yeah, I just blocked a guy 10 seconds ago 'cus first he asked, "u r?" *nudges after 2 seconds* "um...u R?" *nudge* You added me, bitch, remember my e-mail FFS. So, that was fine, I replied telling him my name. "ooohh... so long neva chat wit me" *nudges right after that statement* It's freaking four in the morning I wasn't gonna tolerate that. *blocks*

*I use bitch casually (most of the time), I don't really hate a person who I call bitch.

(1)I don't mind if we were playing around. Like nudging each other for fun like what Joshua and I do occasionally./ If it's something really important like how to resuscitate your gold fish./You gotta go but need an urgent reply.

1A)Stop/reduce nudging. 1B)Get some patience. 1C)Get a life by playing FB games.

2)Loud, lingering ring tones. I have one particular friend in mind but there are hundreds and possibly thousands of inconsiderate losers. You intentionally let your phone ring and vibrate till the whole damn song ends despite it lying right beside you to show the world you got a message which means you have friends who thinks abt you. You have no life, wait, your phone IS your life.

You don't go out or make friends but chat on the phone all day thinking you're a diva and have such a fabulous time killing your brain cells rather than doing better things. Purposely laughing out loud for others to know you're having FUN with your phone friend (who's probably just like your type/ imaginary). Whenever you get the rare chance of going with friends you can't stop messaging or act busy talking on the phone.

(2) You're a busy business person.

2A)Throw your phone away. 2B) Don't chat/msg excessively in front of your friends. 3B) Turn your phone to silent mode. [It would be much more considerate.]

3) lol. Not funny. It doesn't bother me as much now. Last time, I stopped chatting with people who used that every single lol time.
Hello! How are you? :)
good. lol. u?
I'm great, thanks.

(3)It's a filler. For example, "HI SWEETIEPIE, lol! You know yesterday was laik, lol, so um.. OMAIGAWD, weirddddd, lolol." [Yeah, I know they're horrible examples but I can't think of anything better 'cus I don't chat like a twit. Not all the time. :l ]

3A) Only use it when it's really funny or to soften seemingly offensive statements. "Malaysians live on trees, lol!"

4) Slutty sexism. Girl friends who treat their BFs way better than good friends/ditches clique completely once attached. Once they break up they return for comfort and companionship. You're basically a back up plan or a rebound buddy when their fairytale fantasy ends.


4A) Learn how to balance, all relationships are important. 4B) Be equal. Don't treat your bf as royalty and your friends like crap.

I can't think of anymore but this very fehmes and popular one which is very synonymous with the word liar.

5) Hypocrites!!!11
Aren't we all?! Cousins and friends telling me not to smoke while puffing away in my face. Dad telling me not to drink when he binges. Mom telling me not to blame her or anyone else when she constantly pushes fault to Dad for every bad thing that happened in the family and credits herself for all the good ones.

What a happy hypocritical world. The worst are the ones who don't even know it.

Okay, I'm done. I can now recall other things I dislike but those are more... hardened charactertistics than small (but significant) annoyances.

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