Saturday, July 04, 2009

Weekday Word

A great way to start the month was evening services by A.R. Bernard. Click on the link, it's really impressive. I was anticipating the message very much, I've heard him speak a number of times and I know that he doesn't just read Bible verses and talk about it but revolutionizes it.

So the first of July was an introduction to what he was going to preach the next evening. And this little guy (despite being older than me) is always so faithful in going to church! Congratulate him because he's officially the best beatboxer here in Malaysia and the top ten in this world. Judged in the one of the most prestigious competitions the Beatbox Battle World Championship.

The only thing you need now is a body guard.

Everyone was wearing formal clothes because our pastor (Kevin Loo) was all, "What an honor that we can have such a man of God in our midst, so we must respect him by wearing our best!" On the first day, I was underdressed. Not wanting to repeat the same mistake, I wore the same dress I wore to the Grand Finale of MDG.

Adelaine, Sebestian, Leonard and Zoe.

Not forgetting Leonard Chua, he was nominated by AYA in Malaysia's Most Outstanding Youth Award! *applause* Hope you win it yeah, I'll vote for you!

Mister Lard Lard and Lady Zo Zo. Lard = Leo+nard :P

Sebestian and Leonard are working together, he's a decent-looking hunk. Met him at Dennis' college fashion show. He really likes to come to church and learn from the sermon despite not being a Christian, how awesome is that? Agnostics think that the Bible is purely religious but there are many valuable lessons and wisdom lying in it.

If only I read it more... um, Careen, her boyfriend Boon Hock and me.

I would totally type out my notes from Bernard's teaching. Don't know if you guys would be interested but heck, might as well! I write with a rather big font and used up six pages of my MAS notebook. I'll just post up the main points.

Your attitude determines your approach which would result in either success or failure, the kind of response it reacts to. How we respond is affected through the way we see things in life; our lens. (Which means sometimes we can be out of focus/blurred or even using the wrong lens.)

We live life on levels and arrive in stages. Each new and higher stage takes us to a new level of knowldge, authority and responsibility. Our lives should always be constantly growing, progressing and developing. There are no plateaus in GOD only resting places.

Christianity is not a religion but culture. Culture is the sum total of man's achievements with their minds and hands. You can't get anywhere in life till you decide where you wanna be, so stop discussing and do something about it.

In H. Richard Niebuhr 's book "Christ and Culture" it talks about the transformation of one man/individual that transformed an entire society. It's not just about listening to the message but imbibing the spirit of it. Going beyong the surface and understanding the principles that drives it.

The only way not to get criticized is to do noting. Stay focused, truth is the only enduring quality of time. Forgiveness is a lifestyle, our lifestyle is to glorify God. It should reflect the character of GOD. The glory of an object is their intrinsic value; their essence.

Jesus said the way to life is through the narrow path. Narrowing down everything including friendship, leisure, socializing which would lessen the margin of mistakes. Moving from quantity to quality.

Glory= Admiration, praise & honor.
Glorification= Removal of hindrances of your intrinsic value.

Jealousy is the negative spirit of competition.

Whoaaa, say you're impressed DUDE. Not by my note-taking skills :P But but.. by that other dude, A.R. Bernard! There's another 3 pages of important points to write out and maybe to some of you it was all common sense. Isn't the truth common sense but we tend to be ignorant or deny it? Yeah well, I hope I do get to hear him again someday.

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