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I don't have my part-time job anymore, according to the staffs and the employer who is the owner of the gem shop (but am reluctant to call 'Boss') business has been bad and they decided to let me go. I experienced my first taste of retrenchment right there, ow.

I'd love to exaggerate and go all "I feel the effects of the economic downturn and *copy and paste online newspaper article here*" I'd rather not act like a smartalec and just say I now have to live on a very tight budget but the experience was worth the while. In the 6 days of working there I have seen many types of customers.

What really made me astonished were the overbearing customers who bargained to cheapen every purchase. Say, this ring containing 20 pearls cost about RM$200? The customer lays her eyes on it, tries it on, likes it and then immediately asks, "You kou ma? (Are there any discounts?/Got diskaun anot?)"

The first few times I was surprised we could even negotiate prices in jewellery shops, I thought everything was fixed. I'm not one to bargain, if I were to reeeally like something I would save my money and buy it without a question. My first thought isn't to haggle, if it's a sale, all the better.

Some aunties are so thick-skinned they'd ask for something free when they bought two or more items with a sum of RM500, not small gifts but bangles or other ornaments equivalent to what they bought. One I particularly remember asking that if she brought her friend to buy a pearl necklace whether she could get a 50% discount off a white shell bracelet.

Pendants, necklaces, rings, bangles, basically everything a thrifty customer wants would pettily bargain down the price to such a ridiculous amount and what's even crazier is my ex-colleagues would accept the deal out of desperation. My head, my head would be screaming, "WHAT A MORON, YOU MORON, MORONS. WHAT?! GAWD, YOU CAN'T. BE POSSIBLY. DOING..." And I'd be coyly smiling calculating the amount of losses my employer would experience.

I am wearing over a thousand dollars worth of semi-precious-stone rings on my hand. Limme try to remember what I've learned...garnet, citrine,peridot and amethyst. How expensive the ring is depends on the quality of the silver, design of the ring and cutting/size of the gems.

Those are rather a little pricey but I thought they were reasonable. It's not sky-high like a thousand and over but a couple of hundred bucks or more. It's just unreasonable how customers want the real deal and not pay the money for it. Don't buy lah, get those plastic ones they're still pretty anyways. If you don't want value for money get quantities in a quarter of it's price. Like these Dragon Balls for 8 ringgit each.

Those are actually poor grade yellow jade balls.

These aunties just can't see the VALUE in the crystals or stones. THEN WHY ARE YOU BUYING THEM?! There's a reason why you want them so much, there's a reason why you're not substituting plastic beads for them and the reason is their rareness. Plus their healing properties, OH YEAH HOR I FORGOT. Superstitious aunties want crystals 'cus they think it'll change their luck, destiny, health and fortune

Wouldn't that make the ornaments/jewelry even more valuable?! It's just bizarre at how they cheapen these magnificent beauties of nature as if they're worth nothing. Alright, guess how much these big rose quartz ball cost?

RM800 :O

It's still outstanding, no? It's acceptable if aunties negotiated a little to 600 most after comparing it to crystal caves like these (below) priced at nearly half a thousand to a thousand six.

Smokey quartz and amethysts mini caves.

If you don't see the value in something, don't bother buying it. Oh, I have the sweetest incident to tell. There was this Russian/Eurasian/Hunk-who-look-like-Jeffrey-Dean-Morgan was staring at the display window for quite some time. I approached him asking if he was interested in any of the displayed jewellery and he pointed to a necklace.

It was a white gold necklace matched with a small faceted amethyst. I took it out for him to hold and he was speaking some language on the phone while admiring the necklace, once he hung up the phone he was still staring deeply into it. I was envious, I knew exactly who it was for and it wasn't his mother. "Oh, buying it for your girlfriend?" I obviously questioned and after he nodded I said in a high-pitch tone, "Aww, how SWEET!"

It was RM120 and he wanted to buy it, I sold it for 100 with the permission from the older colleagues. Much better than you mmmmm...ermaids giving away hundreds of dollars. Gawd, should of seen the look in his eyes. You would of known instantly that he was imagining how mesmerizing it would be on his girlfriend's neck and how delighted she would be.

I want a bee eff alsoo1111

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