Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Urbanscapes 2009

The third and final part of going to Urbanscapes with Mikel!

We were basically walking around trying to find interesting things or some sort of entertainment. It was way too early before any of those started. As we walked by the entrance of KLPac I saw Kenny, a fellow church-mate of mine. He totally changed his style! Hair, clothes... hip spectacle frame and I said, "Oh my gosh... WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, KENNY?!"

I meant it in a good way. You look awesome! (Especially the hair.)

Mikel brought me into a room, a stage room? A young woman was singing while playing the piano. I don't remember the song or her voice but I think I liked it.

Good thing I brought a cardigan so I could cover myself since I was wearing a skirt.

The song was ending when we came in so we only sat there for 5 minutes. We came back out and there was this prime minister impersonators and a bogey man carrying an umbrella. Not sure la, probably a reenactment of Malaysia's history.

Visualscapes by Efozy
I thought I could bother to type out the whole page but I can't. Just Google it, won't you?

We were standing there for half an hour. Simon, Serge, Stephanie and Ben all came by and we decided to go upstairs. For some unknown reason we were standing in the middle of the staircase and I was getting a little impatient about not doing anything so I went off on my own. Found a door opening leading to a theatre.

They were playing a Malay movie but thank God it was the like 5 minutes (again) so I found myself a nice seat in front when everyone left while I waited for the next performance.

Leaving the group, I was all alone. Not that it mattered. I've got the green tag, yay.

Five white-dressed percussionists. I had a problem concentrating on the beats 'cus all I had in mind was how painful it was for their hands to be constantly hitting on the drums. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ouch. IT DEFINITELY swelled the first few times they practiced for hours. When I was blowing the trumpet/trombone for just an hour my lips got numb and swollen.

Mandarin... oh nos. What are they called? Anyways, loved the symphonic melodies.

They finished the last piece by uniting the clanging, beating, jingling and thumping altogether in a harmonious manner.

I LOVED IT! *round of applause*

Lih Ren called and I met him outside. I sawAnthony (ahem, Zhao) as well, I was telling him how much he reminded me of my ex-date. He really looks similar to that guy NOT that it was affecting me, *coughs*. Yeah soo...next was a outdoor Jazz trio. The day wasn't so hot anymore after 4, phew, but all the tickets were gone and parking line was crazy. The pros and cons of coming early :/

A jazz band composed of three members: the singer, saxophonist and guitarist. The guy in the middle is ridiculously good. A few people were cheering for him and the singer gave his best but it's hard to get jazzy feeling in such a location. You know, usually the whole ambience soothing and nocturnal.
Still a thumbs up, anyone know the name of this band?

I had to leave and couldn't watch them finish their song. I went out for "tea"/yamcha, eee I don't like using the phrase yamcha. I went for a drink with Shaz, Mikel, Patrick and a student from UTM before proceeding home.

Ta-daa. Overall, Urbanscapes was worthwhile. I enjoyed the talents who showcased their skill and the creativity and effort everyone put into this.
The only issue, again, was the weather. I would prefer it to rain, "FUNNER"!

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