Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reduction = production.

I'm gonna slow down on blogging, like I haven't already. I'm having a really hard time concentrating on my studies, I'm not going to blame anyone for that although there are a few contributing factors. Such as lack of parental support, motivation and purpose. Many people ask "what do you usually do?" I don't know... study a little, blog and... Facebook? I study VERY little. I answer two questions in my workbook and I'll call it a day. Phew, those two questions sure sucked the life outta me.

Obviously, it'll take forever for me to graduate. I don't want that. I'll update this blog once or twice a month, log onto MSN weekly and maybe Facebook and Twitter daily. I shouldn't be spending more than an hour online on weekdays and four on the weekends. It takes a few hours for those pictorial entries; organizing pictures, writing captions and the whole story. Just so I can read with ease and enjoyment in the future when I click on my archives.

Other than that, you can follow me on Twitter if you're creepily interested in all the random things I say. You SHOULDN'T 'cus I WOULDN'T. See what I mean?

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    I figured I shouldn't be wasting my youth behind computer screens. I'll go crazy online when I'm an old granny-if I do live that long and have kids- so reducing my internet usage should result in productivity. I can't juggle things or balance work and play. I'm either a full-time party-goer (I'm not a party girl) or a nerd. As for now, my lifestyle will be working, studying and uh, 'churching'.

    Yeah yeah. You guys enjoy your wonderful, fun, cool, hip life.


    Jeffro said...

    Funny Funny Funny.. xD

    Missyve said...

    What's funny?