Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tears of Adolescence

Hihihihi [^_^]V (^^)Y I have another title to add to my imaginary resume... MANAGER! Yesyesyes. So cool right, see my profile, my profile. Below there my picture, my picture. By mister muffin Kenny.

My profile it says "I like muffins and cookies and cakes, I CAN TOTALLY MANAGE ALL THREE OF THEM and TOA. You can't fire me 'cus you ain't Trump." with the title 'Manizher'! Now, I must make a name card, kad nama saya!

Am I the COOLEST or whut?

I give great advice as manager as well.


Speaking seriously, I was casually asked by my sister to be the manager of her newly formed teenage band Tears of Adolescence. I have no experience whatsoever but we're all young people and we all gotta learn somehow. Honestly, I don't know if they're good or not but talent and passion is something I will always support.

They'll be practicing later on and I'll be watching them for the first time. Check out their blog (link above, "great advice") it won't be updated frequently and everything has just started to take place. Do tell me if you know of any band auditions or possible performances at public events. I'll be serious if they're serious, I don't wanna be wasting my time asking people for favors (like I haven't asked enough with transport already) and searching online for competitions and such if they're not putting all of their effort into this.

Maybe one day they'll get to perform at KLPac? Maybe they'll release albums enjoyed internationally, who knows? As for now, I'll be helping out a little in whatever they need. Hey, we're all students and most of us are homeschoolers. The pace for progression will probably be plateau for a period. YES, I intentionally chose a majority of p words for that particular sentence.

I know I'm so perfectly put-together and p... pathetic. Darn, couldn't find any other words.

It's 6 in the morning, good day and *poof* I'm positively pimping my bed in a non-perverted prospective.

Poodles, peaches.


Corynn said...

Pie. I like pie.

Missyve said...

I LOVE Hershey's pie. Yours? Shepherd's, apple, pineapple? smooch.