Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sje Ting Spongebob

I was webcamming with Sje Ting just now, my Singaporean bestie. She wrote "*heart* eoZ uoy ssim I" (I miss you Zoe *heart*). She thought she had to write it backwards for me to read when her webcam wasn't mirroring, silly! I could read it just fine but it's funny anyhow.

Congratulate herrr, she graduated from ITE and is currently working part-time I think. I miss her so much, the last time I saw her was a 3-minute meet up at Cause Way Point during Asia Conference to pass me a ring. She's one of the first and few people who know I like Elmo.

So thoughtful. T.T

How did our friendship start? Well, in this photo it was either the second or third time meeting her. We were at Expo and the first time I liked her immediately 'cus she bought Hello Kitty chocolates for us since we were new friends. Great first impression :P


I met her through Isaac Lim. I met him when I was 13 at Orchard Road. He's a quirky, immature and fun person to be around.

Sje Ting and Isaac were in the cell group so when I found out Isaac was attending the same church as I was we went there together, blabla the whole befriending story. It was also through Isaac that I knew of Nuffnang, he was a pretty active blogger in Singapore and received a lot of views. Mostly because of his cute face, bleh.

Seeing Sje Ting weekly we exchanged numbers and talked about a lot stuff.

It didn't take us long to form a clique, hanging out with each other frequently.

Many times when I came down from K.L. to Singapore I would reside in her home. Follow her to Taekwando class, walk around Singapore at night, go out together... just like best friends do!

Whenever we stayed over it would be so fun! A lot of my pleasant memories in Singapore was with them.

I believe it was because of our similar character that made us best friends. Certainly she has much better qualities than I do. When I was sick she took such good care of me, brought an umbrella in case it would rain, a water bottle for me to drink when she waited at CWP for me to arrive. That nearly made me teared, she was like the sister I never had.

Yes, I LOVE her! I wish I could go down to Singapore or J.B. at least. I call her Spongebob because she absolutely idolizes him, we made this 'Bikini Bottoms Family' where I'm Sandy and Isaac is Patrick. Hee~ I missh you, Spongebob.


Loo said...

eh i bought an elmo t shirt from bangkok! lol

Missyve said...

i wanna seee.

Pork Chop said...

elmo ring very CUTE!!!

Missyve said...

It's all chipped now :( I brought it everywhere with me. My bag was stolen so it was lost with it.