Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shout! Awards

I saw the advertisement for the Shout Awards a couple of months ago from Nuffnang's campaign on my blog. I didn't pay much attention to it thinking they were only promoting 8TV but just two days before the event I found out it was a big occasion.

Hannah told me to vote for her cousin Eugene who was actually a local artiste. I checked out the website she was at and again thought nothing about it. Just a competition of entertainers and celebrities and them winning titles. Coincidentally, I signed into Youthsays (which I rarely do) and saw that they were giving out tickets for Shout Awards.

I assumed they ran out of tickets reading it only days before the event. I requested for tickets nonetheless expecting to be turned down and the same night Nigel said he had an extra ticket. I gladly accepted the offer and Hannah wanted to go as well so he helped me get another ticket BUT the next morning Youthsays replied and said I could collect it.

That was when I felt crappy for troubling Nigel and... *bites lip* I'd like to apologize! Not to mention Hannah didn't need my ticket later when her aunty (the mother of the artiste) brought her in. =.= Yeah, on with the story, I invited Lionel.

It was well worth it because he bought me DARK CHOCOLATE! *screams* Even if I didn't make it to Bukit Jalil this would have been enough to fill me with glee.

Cadbury Bournville, never heard of/saw it before. They even have instructions printed on the interior of the paper wrapping on how to appreciate dark chocolates!

It was melting and I had to stick it in front of the air-conditioner.

Waited for 5 minutes, once it started to solidify I couldn't wait for it to be wholly firm and ripped open the aluminium foil, took a test bite and became happy. Lionel said chocolate was my pacifier because it made me shut up. Maybe I should intentionally be talkative and annoying so you would buy me chocolates out of desperation.

We headed to Kelana Jaya LRT station to reach Bukit Jalil. Lionel said he didn't know how to drive there.

Putra Stadium at 5:30 PM.

Met Ron from Youthsays and received my tickets. Yay, thank you.

Footballers were training right beside us inside the other stadium and the people were cheering even though it wasn't a match. Crazy fans! Nothing much was happen here, that's when we have time to camwhore and relatively unentertained compared to the MU fanatics.

Belinda Chee and Henry Golding came out to blab but goodness, I love her dress! They more known as hosts talking on 8TV's Quickie.

Prem from Fly.Fm ruling whoever was the first to show him 5 sen and answered the question correctly would win RM50. They were giving out 500 ringgit to ten people, that number was reduced from RM500,000. A misinformed or mistakened Jules said earlier on, what a bummer.

A dude rushed up to him and took the nickel out. The question was who Prem was impersonating and Jules, officially the party-pooper, accidentally slipped the answer before the question and went back to the contestant. "He's none other than Adamn Lambert." 50 bucks for you right there, Darren.

I didn't get to compete for RM50 when the orange ticket holders was given an exclusive preview of the indoor stadium. Fwah.

Where the celebrities will be sitting and the VIPs above them.

Nice mister who lead us in and explained to us basically what was gonna happen. The celebrities are gonna walk down the red carpet, they were gonna sit here *points to front seat area*, etc.

Waiting to get back out to meet Nigel and Hannah, he opened up a way for us to enter the encaged area. What a horrible way to say it, we passed into the metal barrier. He was such a gentleman as he waited for everyone patiently to walk into the enclosed area.

I didn't know we would stay inside the rest of the time. We were um, privileged? To stand right beside the stage where all the "action" was gonna be. Wuhuwowomg..~ The almost empty auditorium at 6-ish. Caprice fans, w00t.

We waited for an hour doing nothing; taking a few shots just loitering about. An hour later it was very different. Thousands of people arrived and I started to get worried about the recycled air.

Dammit, where's a mask when you need one? See that Malay dude behind my right shoulder (which would be on your left side), he was such a PRICK. Bloody hell, when I tried to take some nice shots of the celebrities heading to the stage he would shove me forward and reach out his right arm screaming hoping to touch them.

Half an hour later, finally the show was starting. One of the emcee and the winner of the hottest chick award that night is Marion. Guys just drooling standing beside her and grinning themselves silly. What I wasn't impressed about was when she dropped a handful of cards and looked at it and hesitated to bend over to get it. She waited for the assistant to notice despite being so busy managing other things and the nice assistant picked it up for her in a flash.

Now isn't she pampered. Hot chicks only bend over for men I guess.

I shouldn't get carried away with my disgust for her. Jien on the other hand was really friendly and nice. Helped them take pictures (same picture above) and talked to a few of the spectators. They had to go and the show began.

Bunk Face.

This was a funny scene. I think they're comedians on some show... so as they were walking down the red carpet fully enjoying their fame. By-standers praying just for a little touch from them a co-star was captivated by a fan most probably. He called for help and his friend/co-star saved him.

Other nominees for other awards. Phat Fabes, Ben and chick winning the best radio station. Sorry, wasn't paying attention after the Malay dude got me peeved so badly.

CAPRICE PERFORMED! I only screamed for him, HE'S JUST SO CUTE. I liked him a lot after he was the special guest performer at Hennessy Artistry. "So this is like the grammys!" I figured. Lionel had to leave and the next I know I was no longer beside the balustrade. The masses pushed around so much I was two feet away from where I orginally was. Seeing that I couldn't budge back in I walked to the back nearest to where the local celebrities were seated.

My legs were aching. I stood for like 3 bloody hours already. I should of worn jeans so I could of climbed to the top and sit comfortably like the group of boys there.

Was bored and took a trip to the washroom. Washed my hands, reapplied my lipstick and contemplated what to do next. I walked out to the roads and bought honeydew bubble tea. It made me crave for Sweetalk very much, Honeydew Sago OMG!

I came back and found the lamp to be pretty. Those two Malay smokers were such f-tards. Why am I so vulgar?! They further aggravated my ire when they saw me walking towards the lamp pointing my camera at it YET THEY STILL STOOD THERE. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS, MY CAMEO?! GET OUT OF THE BLOODY PICTURE.

Inconsiderate brainless people. I had to ask them to excuse me and they dubiously walked a few feet away. The second picture wasn't as nice la, wtf. The only happy part of this post is the beginning where I consumed chocolates. The management, delays and shoving maniacs detached me. The waiting drained me of all my energy and excitement (except when Caprice's name was said and when he performed a surge of energy incited a few high pitch screams and smiles).

At the highest level and furthest place in the stadium.

I headed back to my designated space after I dumped my cup into the trash bin. Sean Kingston with his Black swagger got on stage, clearly showing off his gold blings. One on the neck (chain hanging low right there), two rings and one bracelet. Another story from rags to riches, ghetto to goldboy. People raising their hands *woohoo Sean Kingston is from US and A he's so cool*

I continued sitting on the cold hard floor. His performanced sucked so badly I felt he wasn't worth me standing up and cheering for.

The rest thought otherwise. All he did was sing "...why did ..*music track*.. suicidal... over..." Everything was replayed from his CD he only sang a quarter of the entire song. Just like what Kenny said. Sang out of tune too, I PREFER CAPRICEEEE!

Gee, I sure sound racist. Funny that the main reason I was so pissed were caused by three Malays and one African-American. Note: I'd say the exact same thing regardless of ethnics. OH I FORGOT, also this Indian kid in front of me blocked my view with his sided cap. That night my life was so f-ed. Thank God, show ended *poof sparkles* glitter everywhere.

See Pin/Griza was seated at the VIP section. Alone this time, usually her brother would tag along as well.

Sister and cousin of Jin Hackman.

He was second to Joe Flizzow.. just A LITTLE bit more and he could have won the award. Right, this is Jin Hackman, Eugene's stage name.

Shazet, the second beatboxer I know in Malaysia. I missed his performance with Jin during the honeydew bubble tea break, BUMS.

Aunty (mother), Eugene (son), Rogue Squadron and Shazet. Three of them guest artistes.

Not that I'm wasn't supportive of Malaysian talents, a bit overrated la. Or maybe I'm ignorant about the local entertainment.


Serge Norguard said...

you do realize that I will still buy chocs for you no matter what.

Though seeing you quiet and have chocolate lipstick is going to be so much fun. >D

Hui Fen said...

err.. why did you scratch off that girl's face? O_O

Missyve said...

Serge Norguard- No more chocos for me unless I become chubbo. Thank you.

Hui Fen- She said her face was ugly and told me to cut her out. So I just CENSORED her face.