Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Nails and a tip

Quite a lot of people have questioned the indubitability of my nails. At first it didn't bother me but after a couple of doubtful looks, I got offended. Do they look fake to you?! Taking it as a compliment would mean they look so nice and long that they just HAVE to be fake. Looking at it another way is that they're implying I could never have grown such beautiful lengthy yet healthy nails.

I usually cut them when one of them breaks off when I do simple things like turning the door knob or opening the fridge and my nails would snap at the handle. So I trim them by 3-4mm and wait for it to grow to my desired length before I start painting them again.

I don't put on any cuticle oils or go for professional manicures. I guess it all depends on genetics about whether you'll get strong healthy nails. My advice would be not to have nail polish all the time. It makes your cuticles yellow and weakens the keratin.

Right so back to my manicure done by Hannah in our vain expedition. Don't know if you can see it clearly, click on it if you want a larger image. She streaked on some gold glittery nail lacquer and then plucked out some heart-shaped stickers from her new Etude nail art stickers. I protected it with a coat of transparent polish.

I have a make-up tip for you girls *beams* I found it strange when I've been receiving way more compliments than I usually got after I made a slight but significant change to my facial application. [I'm not praising myself, zomg!] For a certain Nuffnang event I used half the amount of foundation and twice the amount of blusher I normally would.

My kind of look is casual. So I just want a plain foundation with a teeeny bit of blusher for some color, no eyelining or mascara. I wanted to ahem, stand out from the crowd thus I tried something new. Mixing my regular foundation with an illuminator made a very nice and sheer emulsion.

It was Skin Food's Lime secret shine base. This pinkish gold highlighter has a creamy texture that blends well with anything. It did give me a dewy finish which was very effective in giving my face a healthy glow. Foundation for me is for sun protection, nothing else, but I do need concealer under my eyes. If I have foundation I don't usually use concealer.

I tried using only concealer and a moisturizer (with SPF) but it always made my face oily so I use foundation. To make sure you're not using too much foundation wet your sponge and distribute it evenly. A wet sponge won't absorb too much of your foundation but just enough to make it look natural. I exposed my "secret" now everyone knows :(

I save that lime base for special occasions. I've learned to use minimal foundation by combining it with my moisturizer or toner so that I won't have to struggle spreading the little pigmented paste all over my face.

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