Friday, July 17, 2009

Making up

I conducted a class teaching make-up last night to my female cell group members. The church's gala night is next week so I was prepping them on how to look their best. It's not a huge thing like a convention.. more like a humble seminar.

The yellow shorts catch everyone's attention. Know who wore them? Faith laaa, hahah.

It took some time to move the white board over and everyone to settle down. I was getting special treatment for teaching them cosmetics the first time. A few of them called me teacher. *giggles*

That gave me a wonderful idea.

I know one or two didn't say it, unsporting people. For all those who said it, I LOVE YOU! Those would be Denise, Joanne, Jessica, Faith, Yee See, Sze Ying, Rachel, (whoops forgot your name) and Ai Lee!

I began class by telling the different brushes and their purposes. What goes on before foundation and how to apply foundation. Denise was my example, I mixed two different shades of foundation together and with the blending brush I stroked it all over her face and swiftly yet lightly distributed it around.

I wasn't so good in talking. I was uptight, everytime I finished a sentence, in my head I'm saying 'crap, what do I teach next?!' and I was too nervous to open my note book where I spent a week writing all the key points. How dumb of me. So I was jumping about, from here to there and back to the previous discussion.

Jessica took this picture I think, or was it Denise. Different face shapes, how to apply blusher and contour for each different one. The big circles ARE NOT the eyes it's the blush area. Notice the two little dots above it? Faith said it looked like Ultraman, it kinda does!

After that I was going on to the eyes. Eyebrows are extremely important. Jessica had very thin and distorted eyebrows so I trimmed them and colored it in with my Shisheido eyebrow pencil. Always trim before tweezing unless they're at the right length.

In the first picture I was saying, "Even if you're pretty and you have ugly eyebrows people won't be able to see it." Are you lifting your eyebrows now? Don't believe me? Let me demonstrate... a beautiful woman with thick ugly eyebrows.

This is Zoe's (Crappy) Paint Edition. I don't have or know how to use photoshop, don't j0o start dissing me. Okay, you see, the droopy eyebrows brings down her forehead making it look like she's frowning.

Nevermind, moving on... to lips. Before that, I taught them how to do smokey eyes thinking that probably most of them would do that look for the church's anniversary celebration. Had a fun practical time with them doing each other's eyes. They were rather bad at first but after a while they got the hang of it. Blending is the key! (Color distribution as well.)

Yee See has thin but very pretty kissable lips. I never see hers chap or dry. I used to hate my lips last time, told my mom that I wanted plastic surgery to reduce the size. I was disgusted by the thickness and admired the thinly lipped models in magazines and movies.

I found it funny when people wanted plump lips but since everyone was embracing it I started to accept myself. I outlined her lips outside of her natural lip line and filled in her lips with lipstick and blended. Sorta made her mouth look like Paris Hilton's which means thin but plumpy.

She looks good without cosmetics anyways. I don't want any woman having to depend on make-up to look decent especially when you were already beautiful at the start. For those who weren't so pleasant-looking and needed cosmetics to be acceptable is different.

Oh well, hope they learned something new. I was worried that I wasted their time. Faith showed her appreciation by buying me supper. Thank you! *hugs*

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