Friday, July 17, 2009

Hungry Post

I'm hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I want a big bowl of pan mee. I LOVE PAN MEE! Kin Kin Restoran's pan mee at Cheras is God-awesome! A nice one is near Sunway Pyramid. I went there last week with Chee Wee. I ordered something different from the first time Sandra brought us there.

Kim Chi Pan Mee.

I do like kim chi and I thought it would be just slightly sour. Little did I know it's be spicy like hell. 1/5 for making me cry. Each bite I took brought a new sinus reaction, I was so frustrated I was cursing in my head. Cursing the noodles, the shop, the chef and cursed it all to rot in hell.

Chee Wee finished it for me after (I had) five mouthfuls.

Sorry :/

Return to my original choice and now favorite: Vegetarian Pan Mee.
Very, very nice!

Hungry ghost.


cwee said...

haha...good one....we should have something nicer next time...lolz

Missyve said...

I still love the vegetarian pan mee <3