Friday, July 10, 2009

HTV Hosting

I know I'm going to sound like a bad influence but DON'T go to church tomorrow or on Sunday! You see, our church kinda has this announcement video they call HTV and they get a pair of church members to announce it. The video below is what they show before the announcers start babbling off whatever that needs to be said.

So I was chatting with Pastor Kevin about serving the church. I've been in church for 5 years and have never ever joined any ministry, not because I didn't try but I never seemed to find something that suited me. He suggested talking on HTV, I was like, "GREAT IDEA!" I was so excited and eager to do it but I felt like I didn't go a good job at the very end.

It didn't start out well either. We were supposed to start at 7:30P.M. and I called for a dozen times and thought maybe it was canceled. Got to admit, was a little disappointed and wondered if I should just change back into my pyjamas or what.

Denise picked me up an hour later, my co-host was Chronicles. Meeting him for the first time, how delightful to know he was the same age as me. Both of us were like, "You're sixteen?!" HAHA.

Setting up the camera, memorizing the script, Chronicles posing... we started shooting at 9.

The crew: Denise and Steven. The cast: Chronicles and Zoe! That would be me.

My ex-cell group member, we splitted up into different cell groups after W19 multiplied. Surprised she was filming, not that much knowing she was in the crew ministry.


The first three short clips were easy to remember. The final two were longer ones and we had to retake it like TEN times and it was all my fault. I would pause and look up at the ceiling to remember the word, I would miss out words and switch the noun and verbs in the sentence.

For example, I should be saying, "So mark down these dates on your calendar!" I repeatedly said, "So mark down the calendars...! *crap* on your date?"
Take 2: "So remember to mark down your calendars on the date!"

I felt bad for Chronicles, he had to say everything all over again despite not making any blunders.
I'd like to be a VJ on MTV.

Not a good idea, I'd be talking all about myself than asking the celebrities questions.

I didn't know who Chronicles was but Faith said, "He's very good-looking one! He can sing too you know? He sang at David and Shirley's wedding." We heard him sing and damn right he can. More of a Mandarin person, he's great at singing Chinese songs.

We finished filming after midnight. Poor guy had to wake up at 6 for school, he had to go home and the three of us went to Mydin for supper. I LOVE Denise! Know why? I drove her car from Sunway to USJ. She actually allowed and most significantly, TRUSTED me with her car. Well, we had a deal, if I told her who I liked she promised to let me drive her car.

A woman of her words indeed.
I left out the fact I never really drove long distances on a public road before. The longest was 15 seconds and the person was like, "Okay, stop... STOP!!!" Sheesh.

I drove for 10 minutes. Not to say I was reckless, I was worried about road blocks, my I.D. and summons. I wouldn't want her to bribe the police 'cus of what I did. Thank God nothing bad happened, just a lot of fun and great company.

I stayed over her place that night since it was already late. Blog about that another time. Remember, DON'T go to my church this weekend. Maybe when I do a better job (if they do ask me to announce me again -.-) I'll ask all of you to come over then we'll eat supper at The Burger Shop. Yeay.



Corynn said...

I wanna see it!

N!cky said...

Calendar not calender

Missyve said...

Corynn- waiting for it tooo :D

Nicky- Oh, thanks. :]

Driems said...

hey zoe, i thought you did pretty well on HTV :)

Missyve said...

Thanks raisin! Definitely could of done better :)